Monday, August 20, 2012


Everyone deserves to be written about.
Even You.
Even if the You who is reading this, doesn't think so.
That's even more the reason that you deserve to be written about.
And if  You  think you should be written about, you're probably right.

And everyone deserves to read what was written about them at some point in their life.
Maybe I'll get to that step.
I don't know.
I write about too many people.
I think they're all beautiful.
I'm too observant about some qualities and not observant enough about others.
I give them too much credit and not enough credit for the things they've done and the people they are.
But I'm a writer.
So I guess it's okay.
Because you can't get every single detail down.
I think people would be greatful enough just to see what they look like through the eye's of a writer.
Even if writers' can't capture everything.
Just that we try to capture them and their beauty is enough.
I hope.
I think.
I wonder if anyone ever writes or has written about me that I don't know about.
That'd be cool.


  1. I've been written about, I know that for sure, I just wish I could read whatever has been written. :)

  2. haha this was sweet. i wonder if i was written about too. for now i'm just going to assume that every Black Keys lyric was written about me ;)

  3. This is a really great post, glad to know you care about all of us readers!!

  4. that'd be so cool to be written about and not know it. although i would want to know it. i'm a curious girl :)

    also, you left the sweetest comment on my blog the other day and I couldn't respond because your e-mail isn't linked to your Blogger profile! you should fix that :)