Monday, August 6, 2012


Is it weird that I still have a couple weeks of Summer left but I am ready for the Fall/Winter season?

I just can't wait for lights and lights and lights and more lights. Maybe I'm somehwat ADHD but I just looove lights. Especially colorful ones that compliment household christmas items. I love going somewhere at night and seeing everyhouse and everyplace cheerily glowing so prettily. But I'll be patient. I can wait. :)


  1. I always think of winter too soon, possibly because I think I prefer fashion at that time of year than any other time of year. :)

  2. I was just thinking of putting a string of lights up in my room today :) Fall is the best. I can't wait for Christmas!

  3. I cant wait for winter, I love it I cant wait to get all snuggly in oversized cardies/jumpers and drinking hot choc :) .. reading this post has just got me all excited! Great pictures too :) x