Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Little Thoughts

This may seem like a bit of an unorganized post today, but hey, sometimes I am bit unorganized. :P haha. Nah, I just have a few thoughts to share. And this may not be what everyone thinks, but in my opinion, if you realize someone that you are interested in relationship wise is not right for you, you save yourself a lot of hurt by letting go of it then. Because like it or not, you will never be with that person or have a stable relationship if you keep trying to smush the puzzle piece into a shape that fits the other one. It's forced love, not true love. So even if you think you can't stand to let that person go, even if you think your heart might crush into a million little pieces, let him or her go anyway. Trust me on this. Because in reality, you will feel better. It will take time, but realizing that person isn't right for you, will make you feel better. Because then you have a thousand human sea of people left out there and you know one of them will be a thousand times better than the one that was also hindering you even if you shared some happy moments. You don't want someone who will bring you down. You don't want someone who doesn't want you, then changes his/her mind and wants you again, and then doesn't want you again. You deserve better than that. And your heart deserves a break from that. Maybe you think you can't live without that person, but you can. And you will. Maybe you think you'll be alone forever, but you won't. And you never will be if your seeking fufillment in God. I just see so many quotes these days about people saying stuff like; "It hurts to be with you, but I love you so I'll stay with you." Or "even though I know you might be lying, and I know you might break my heart, it doesn't matter. I'm yours." Don't do that people! If you have your doubts, it's probably Reason trying to speak with you! Listen to Reason, and ultimately save yourself from getting deeper hurt. Okay, now I'm done with my thoughts and musings and I will move on to things that make me happy and pictures I like. :D

Things I like: Maps, Quotes, Pictures, Places, People with Stories to tell, Adventure, God, City Lights, Pumpkin flavors, Acoustic Guitar, Football games, Playing Football, Soccer on Thanksgiving Morning, Making Fun of Twilight, The Book of Psalms, Painting my Nails Silver Occasionally, Being Happy, Going to the Moon(Even though i've never been), Dreaming (Night or Day), Hoping.

Things I don't like: Call Me Maybe.

I figured if I picked only one thing I don't like and a whole bunch of things I do like, it will help keep me in healthy perspective. And guess what? It worked. :) Try it.

Enjoy your day and give away free smiles. You'll be surprised at how many just might smile back.

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  1. Love that quote! " the bible is meant to be bread for daily use, not cake for special occasions." :)

    P.S. Call Me Maybe isn't my favorite song either. Haha