Thursday, August 23, 2012

Time Is Passing

Time passes. And I don't even know what i'm doing half the time. Time passes and people grow and we continue. And routine falls in and Summer fades and new seasons poke their noses through the doorway. Part of the reason why I named this blog as Time Is Passing because everything I write, photograph, learn, talk about, all these events... are created while Time is Passing. And time, it passes slowly and fast all at once. I can't believe how long I've written in this blog, but at the same time, it hasn't been long at all. Middle school was yesterday and 10,000 years ago. Time just passes without a thought. It happens each day when we wake up and fall into schedules and life and routine and when we sleep in our beds at night. And it will continue to happen in that same manner. You'll wish some parts of your life would go faster, and you'll wish you had longer time in other areas of your life. You'll wish you had treasured some moments or people more and other times you'll wish you had let go of certain things sooner. Its time. Time does that. It's weird. And beautiful. And awesome. And awful. And confusing. And it keeps happening. It never really hits me fully when some big event happens. Like being a Senior. That came and went. And Graduation. That came and went. Everything comes and goes and you are always anticipating and looking forward to the next step in this journey called life. And you're always going to be unsure of what's ahead, but you know whatever it is that comes at you, you'll get through it. And new people will come and old people will leave. And sometimes old people will stay and new people will leave. It just happens. Time passes.

^^ That's me and my friend Heidi and one of my favorite pictures.

Random Facts:

1. I really wish some people's blogs didn't make me prove that I'm not a robot in order for me to comment on them. Because, really, I'm not a robot.

2. There was a guy in my Ethics class who smelled good and he sat next to me. And I don't like him, but I like good smells. It makes me happy.

3. There was a guy in my Statistics class who sat next to me on Tuesday and he smelled like smoke and my lungs didn't like that but thankfully he didn't sit by me today so that was exciting.

4. I have old film strips and I want to do something with them but I don't know what. Help?

5. I want to create cool artsy projects. If you know of any, please let me know!

6. Fall warms my heart.

7. I have chipped nail polish on right now but I kinda like it.

8. I have six toes on one foot.

9. Just kidding, I don't really.

10. I don't like Ginny the guinea pig who is staying in my room right now and who keeps waking me up when I should be sleeping. But sometimes I like her.

That was fun. I like random facts. What are some random facts about you?


  1. I typed in film strips in Pinterest and it came up with a few neato ideas :D
    And you always have the epicest pictures on your blog! They really feed my inspiration.

    hm. Random facts about me.
    1. I was a MK {missionary kid} and was born in Mexico.
    2. i have been in a real band before. even got paid for it! haha ;)
    3. being on stage makes me nervous as heck.
    4.i have a freckle on the end of my nose. and palm of my left hand!

    yup. random :D

    ps. your blog makes me feel like a robot.. ;)

  2. Awh! I love the definitions picture! <3
    hehehe. Those are fun facts. The 2nd one cracked me up 'cause I totally know how that is. except ethics class. I don't know how that is. lol.

    Random facts about me?
    1. I'm fond of teddy bears.
    2. I love getting things in the mail. It makes my day.
    3. I always wear a yellow rubber bracelet. (livestrong)
    4. I don't like those "prove you're not a robot" things either...
    5. I'm psyched for Fall/winter so that I can wear high heel boots again.

    ^_^ Cute post!

  3. i love the "never give up" photo :)

  4. forever ahhh, nevermind! I miss read what you said. My fault, youre wanting those status messages synced up with your phones contacts so it displays it. Gotcha, yeah that would be cool, but I dont mind much to not have that (yet).
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