Saturday, December 15, 2012

Looks Questionable to me!

So I've been nominated twice for a questionnare.
And I was busy so I rainchecked the first one,
when I got nominated again. haha.
So, I think its time for me to answer their questions and post some random facts.

Random Facts:
1. My friend came to see one of my dance performances last night and she told all of her family about it and it turns out her sister is married to Big Mike from American Idol. I don't remember which season and he didn't win, but he was still on the show and has his cd out in stores. So, Big Mike came to see me perform and I think thats pretty epic. :D
2. I have wanted a key necklace for a very long time and my bestfriend Natalie just happened to get one for me for my Christmas present. <3
3. I've also never gotten flowers from someone other than a family member until last night, thanks again to Natalie. <3
4. Today, we're leaving the dogs at the vet kennel because we're leaving for North Carolina and getting up at 4 am tomorow morning. This still makes me sad though, because I love my pooch. He's the best dog, he really is.
5. Someone compared me to Natalie Portman once. I think I look nothing like her, but that was a pretty nice compliment considering how drop dead gorgeous she is.
6. I want to write a book some day and have it published. And I want it to be a book that inspires and helps people get through some of life's hard trials.
7. I sometimes wish I looked like Kristen Stewart because I think she's really pretty.
8. I only type with two of my fingers and apparently this is weird.
9. I one time sang I Will Survive in my sleep apparently. According to my parents.
10. I love acting and really want to be in a play or musical again. I did a performance of Grease when I was younger and have done multiple church skits before, but that was about it.
11. I still want a photographer boyfriend for Christmas. Thanks Pinterest for reminding me by popping up with a guy photographer on my little pinterest newsfeed. Thanks a lot.

Questions from Erin:
1. What do you believe in?
Just kidding. :)
I believe in my Savior Jesus Christ who died for my sins.

2. What is your favorite
Tasty ones.

3. If you could go to the moon,
would you?
Yes, the moon is one of my favorite things. It's so pretty and dreamy, and it makes me wish I could paint because if I could I'd paint the moon.

4. Why do you blog?
To impact, inspire, as an outlet, to remember, to capture, to keep me going. So many reasons.

5. What's your favorite childhood
Christmases as a kid. Or just being a kid in general. Like jumping in puddles or jumping off swings or feeling on top of the world when your Mom buys you popsicles after a long summer day of swimming in the pool. Or the soccer rides home with my Dad and stopping at McDonalds after a game. Or the way of being naive and thinking everything was perfect and beautiful and lovely and there was nothing wrong in the world. And the excitement of life. Which really came to life during Christmas.

6. Tell me about your mother.
She's awesome.
7. Have you ever been out of the
I wish, but no. :(

8. What do you think of before you
go to bed?

It depends. Sometimes I recap my day. If I've been in a fight with someone, I'll try to think of ways to fix it. Sometimes, I pray for people before I go to bed. Sometimes, if I have a test the next day, I'll go over the answers in my head. Sometimes, I think up crazy stories of what could happen and what conversations I might have with people and how I'll meet my husband. Sometimes, if I go to bed really late, I don't really think of anything at all besides sleep.
9. Skirts or dresses? Both?
Dresses on occasion and only the comfortable but flattering type. Skirts aren't really my thing. And I only like dresses when dressing up.

10. Favorite movie?
Ha. I can't pick. But I like any movie that leaves me with some piece of wisdom, or thought, or impacting quote. A movie that I still think about after I've seen it.

11. Who is your hero?

I have many, but the ultimate hero would be Jesus. Heros are usually limited to who they can save. Not Jesus though. He can save everyone.


 Michelle's Questions:
1.What is a song that takes you back to a happy

Probably "On the Ride" by Ally and AJ is my earliest happy song memory but I have so many. That's the great thing about music. And thats why I make mix cd's. Because there is so much into songs, so much meaning, so much memories.

You're at the movies: candy or

Popcorn. That practically screams movies.

If you could live inside of the plot of a book for
a month, which one would it be?

The Lord of the Rings probably. Such an adventure! 

You're headed for a year to
a deserted island (it's the latest craze): what is one thing that you would
definitely take?

My dog. He'd keep me sane.

Rain or sunshine?


many licks does it really take to get to the center of a Tootsie
Roll lollipop?
NOONE KNOWS. Besides who would ever just lick a lollipop? I always crunched mine to get to the tootsie because its the good part!

What's a verse that brightens you right
Again, I have so many! The 23rd Psalm is a classic, but it was one of the first verses I memorized and really stuck with me even at a young age. However, there are countless Psalms verses, 1 Thessalonians verses, Romans verses, and Isaiah verses that have brought me unending comfort.

Have you ever had an album (we're talking pre-MP3s)
that you played so much, it's practically worn out?
I don't think so. When I was younger, i wasn't BIG into music. The exceptions were probably: NSYNC, Hillary Duff, Ally and AJ, and the first Avril Lavigne cd which I actually liked.


is that Goofy can talk but Pluto
I really wish I knew. Maybe Pluto has nothing to say?

What's your most favorite of all the Holidays and

Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas.
Thanksgiving- because i love all of it's foods, because it's a time for friendship and cheerful hearts, and because it's always memorable. Christmas Eve- Because its family time and pre Christmas fun and excitement. And Christmas Eve candelit service and Village Inn Pie and Coffee. Christmas- Because I love giving and i love the look of a prettily lit tree with presents stacked underneath it. The only sad thing is that growing up, Christmas isn't the same as being young and wide eyed and super surprised and happy with all your gifts. When you're older you pretty much know what you're getting and aren't as keen to getting up so early. That's one thing I miss. But it's still a fun and beautiful holiday.
If there was one word to describe what you'd like for
your 2013 to be like, what would it be?


I'm leaving tomorow guys,
I'll miss you all.
But I'll love the long car ride and the random pit stops and surprise diners and family time.
Crossing my fingers for snow.
Keep on, keeping on in the meantime.


  1. Love this :) have so much fun on your trip, ill miss your enthusiasm!!!

  2. i adore all of the little pictures here! i also love how you want to write a book, as do i!

    lindsey louise

  3. Loved all your answers!
    I wouldn't mind having a photographer boyfriend, actually that'd be like the coolest thing ever. <3

  4. Great answers! I'd living in Middle Earth would be so indescribable. I liked that song, "On the Ride" too! I had that CD! Their version of "Walking on Sunshine" makes me super happy too. :) A photographer boyfriend would be like a dream, wouldn't it?

  5. "I one time sang I Will Survive in my sleep apparently. According to my parents."

    Oh my word yes. I loved your answers!! Yay!!

  6. I love all your answers! For whatever it's worth... I was going to nominate you when I got mine, but I remember you not being into nominating others because you didn't want to pick favorites! Which is totally understandable :)

    Anyway, I hope you have an AWESOME trip! :D

  7. Soph, would you be terribly annoyed if I nominated you? You've already be awarded a bunch a' times... Feeling up to MORE questions? Honestly, if you'd rather not, I can find some one else...
    Your answers were fun to read. =)
    Goodness, the things I'VE done in my sleep...I could write a book about it! ;)
    I'm glad you put the "tis the season and the reason" picture on here; it was a good visual reminder.
    Ah, yes, acting is a blast, especially improv; watching or in it!