Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Erin's Questionnare

Hello! :) So, on Sunday, me and my lovely friend Erin from http://writedreamrunsing.blogspot.com/ randomly decided that we should come up with questionnares for each other and fill them out on our blogs. Well, this is Erin's questionnare and I'm going to fill out my answers. :)

1. What is your very best name for a porcupine? And it has to be a boy porcupine. Just cuz.
Clementine. I know most people consider that a girl's name. But that's the point. People will ask what the porcupine's name is, and I'll be like "Clementine" and they'll be like "Oh, so it's a girl." And then I can be like; "No. It's not." And they'll be confused. :)
2. If you had to pick between living in a cave or living underwater in an underwater house, what would you pick?
It depends. If I can breathe underwater, underwater ALL THE WAY YO. If I can't, well um, I think I'd rather stay alive so Cave.
3. What is your favorite word?
I favor Quintessential. Or scosthrop. Or nelipot. Or wanderlust. Or Macaroon. Or Mauve. Or indubitably. Or defenestrate. Oh and Spite. I like them all, and I have more favorites too but those are the ones that came to mind first.
4. What is your least favorite word?
Puke. I mean, seriously. If you've ever took the time to think of the word Puke and say it out loud, you'd realize the disgustingness of the word. The word puke makes me want to puke.
5. Pink or purple?
Neither. But if I haaad to pick one, it'd be purple. But it'd be like royal, rich, beautiful purple. Not like a Bright Kapow Purple or lavender because lavender(even though it's fun to say) just seems so girly.
6. Which toe is your favorite toe? Why?
The pinkie toe on my right foot. Because I favor my right foot because I'm right handed and right just sounds better than left anyways. And the pinkie one because the pinkies are the cutest because they are the shortest.
7. Which would you rather play: the harmonica or accordion?
Um, both, please!
8. Who is Owl Man’s evil nemesis?
Minnie Mouse.
9. If unicorns existed, would they be sweet, or feisty?
10 % sweet and 90% FIESTY.
10. If you had to name yourself something different, what would you be called?
When I was younger I wanted to be named Stephanie. But now as I'm older, I'm not sure I want to be called Stephanie. I kind of like Haddassa, Isabel, Rose, Penny, and Holly. But the thing about not being named any of those is that I get to name my kid one of those, maybe, some day.
11. What is your favorite place in the world?
It changes from time to time based on the places I see, the time in which i see the places, the mood I'm in when I'm at the place, and who is with me when I'm in the place. It's hard to pick favorites.
12. What if coffee was illegal? Would you bootleg?
If I'm answering honestly... possibly maybe probably yes. :o
14. Why is there no question 13?
You tell me.
15. Who would you trust less: someone named Rusty Bones Jones or a toothless old woman?
Toothless old woman. They are always up to no good.
16. Snowboarding or surfing?
I've never been snowboarding! only surfing! And I love surfing, but since I've never been snowboarding I guess I'll pick that for fun.
17. What is the friendliest vegetable?
The carrot. It's like the only vegetable that every single kid doesn't seem to hate.
18. What made up language would you like to speak?
19. What’s your favorite Disney movie?
Ahahahahaha. You think I can pick just one? ahahahaha. That's immpossible. They are all my favorite<3 ALL OF THEM. :)
20. Would you rather wear a sombrero everyday for a year or not talk for a month?
Definitely the sombrero. If I owned a sombrero, I'd probably wear it for a year anyways. But alas, I have no sombrero.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed our combined craziness. To check out my questionnare that Erin filled out, go to http://writedreamrunsing.blogspot.com/ ! 
Want to join in the craziness?
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  1. this is cute. ^_^ 12 made me giggle. I would too. Can't live without my coffee. :D <3
    fun post!!

  2. Hahaha, this whole thang was hilarious! :D
    I'd join you with number 12. ;)

  3. You would wear the sombrero!! YES!! lol
    And indubitably is one of the coolest words ever.

    LOL we should totally do this again sometime, it was so much fun!

  4. This was so hilaaarious! I agree totally on the underwater/cave question. The song Explorers by Sky Sailing always makes me want to live underwater, and watching The Little Mermaid countless times growing up didn't help, hahaha. Carrots really do seem quite friendly. :) And peaches are vulnerable... "What's more vulnerable than a peach?" I've watched Elf too many times.

  5. Ahahaha! This was great, I Smiled my way throught it! =D (Well, and laughed some too...!)
    I agree with you on #1, that would be funny; especially just to have a porcupine!
    You like the word "Macaroon" too?! I tink they'd be fun to eat just 'cause they have a cool name. (remind me of macaroni too...=P) Lavender is another word I like; along with Perpendicular, Splendid and Hefalump.
    Ya' know, I actually made up my own language...it was called (drumrolllllll) "The Jennish Languini". It was fun. =D
    #20, Definitly a Sombrero! XD