Friday, December 14, 2012

It really is a Merry Christmas!

Goodbye Finals, Hello Everything Else Fun and Wonderful in the World.

Everyone loves Christmas posts right? I know I do.
Well, I'll tell you some Christmas realizations I found out this year.

1. I reallllly love gingerbread. It was our first time making gingerbread and I have learned that I am addicted to them.

2. I looove Christmas songs. Especially when sung by my sisters. I got to hear my younger sisters sing in a Christmas performance and they sang beautiful.

3. I love Packing. Currently I'm packing for N.C and I just love it. It gets you excited.

4. I love roadtrips. I like family bonding, sleeping in the car, trips to creepy gas stations, and stopping for fast food or at small diners a long the way. It's an adventure.

5. I got this gingerbread stuffed animal and my sisters think it's the funnest thing to hide him from me. I think we started a new tradition. :)

6. I'm also having a "sleepover" the night before Christmas eve with my little sisters in my room which has christmas lights strung up in there. They're so excited and it's little things like that that make everything worth it.

7. The feeling of being stress free and just enjoying the holidays.

8. I'm reading a poem I wrote for our annual Christmas Eve service and I'm excited to get to share it with people.

9. Lately, me and my Mom have been taking walks and I just appreciate them so much. It's a good way to get closer to her and i love going in the cool of the night and seeing the pretty lights. We didn't do this last year, but I'm glad we're doing it this year.

10. My first Christmas dance performance takes place tonight and so many people are going to be there. :) I'm so excited.

What are some of your Christmas fun/realizations?
 How is it different from last year?
By the way, my pictures are uploading now! YAY.
So here's December and all things I couldn't show you until now.
Happy December!


  1. This is great! And I LOOOOVE Christmas! ;)

  2. i love all your energy and positivity! you always make me feel happy and smile :) everything sounds so cheery and christmasy, i will wish for snow for you for SC!

  3. ELLO. I nominated you for an award on my blog. :) BTW Santa's not real ;)

  4. All those things are so happy and made me feel so just when I needed it. :) I love the pictures too! Something about this post was just really inspiring/joyful/bright.

  5. Yay! You uploaded your pictures!! =D
    You took the 10th up from the bottom right? That is SOOO pretty!
    I love the colors, blue, yellow, lights, buildings, EVERYTHING! Lovely. <3
    The lights down at the boardwalk are awesome! You should try making a filter to change the shape; it's real fun. =D
    Yeah, pictures 10 and down are all my favorites.


    Merry Christmas!