Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012, Where did you go?

Alas, 2012 is coming soon to an end.
 I know we still have a couple of days so I probably will have a what I learned post on New Years Eve.
This post is just simply stating the crazyness of time.
It's mind blowing.
So many things change in years.
And some things for the better and some for the worst.
But we just deal with the cards given to us and move on from there.
Because thats all we can do.
We can grow from them.
The only odd thing is that no matter how many times my life changes,
I still feel like it's very circular.
Like I feel the same feelings in the new beginnings of the new year.
I still hope for adventure, and sometimes I get it and sometimes I don't.
People fly into my life,
And people fly out of my life.
And constantly I feel like I'm plowing through College semesters,
waiting for my life to finally begin.
Well, it's beginning.
It always is.
And it's always worth it.
It always is.

 (I love him. He's such a good actor and such a good singer. I just want to give him a hug.)

"Life in Three Different Views"
Life Through the Eyes of a Pessimist.
One time I decided to survery the wonders of this life,
But to my dismay I couldn't find a single one.
I looked and looked but couldn't find a single place,
Where something didn't go wrong.
The clouds covered the sun,
Dimming it's bright shining light.
The grass withered underneath my feet,
And down the street was a kid trying to fly a broken kite.
I searched for a beautiful thing that hadn't been contaminated,
I looked in the mirror and saw a mess of a person staring with broken eyes.
I looked at the cars all with the same destination,
Of trying to get by.
I couldn't find a single thing that was beautiful,
I couldn't find the wonder of life.
I wondered if I need a new prescription,
Cause I didn't like my vision.
Life through the Eyes of an Optimist.
One day, I decided to go out and survey the wonders of this life.
I made sure to look through brightly lit eyes.
I realeased my inner child and looked up at the sky,
The fluffy white clouds covered the air contrasting the striking shade of blue.
I looked at the butterflies enjoying the breeze,
I noticed the soft, gentle swaying of the trees.
Underneath my feet were beautiful flowers others may call weeds,
I saw the birds swarming the air and deciding to throw them some bird seed.
I saw a kid across the street trying to fly a broken kite,
So I immeaditely ran to his saddened side.
I glued together the broken wings,
And happy stretched across his face with his eyes gleaming.
I searched far and wide and saw nothing but beauty,
But when I looked in the mirror I saw a mess of a person.
I got down on my knees and repented to my loving Father above,
He renewed my broken heart and revealed within true beauty like that of a dove.
I noticed cars trodding along the street without a care,
I noticed drivers with the windows down gently tossling their hair.
I found so much beauty and wonder in life and I knew,
That I never wanted to change this view.
      Life through the Eyes of a Realist.                                                                                                   
One time I decided to survey the wonders of this life,
And to my surpise I found some.
Beauty and Ugly met face to face.
And I urged them both to come and greet me.
I wanted to capture the reality of life,
So I beckoned them closer to get a better look.
I saw people helping people,
And I saw others with hardened eyes capturing hearts on hooks.
I saw a person help the elderly cross the street,
I saw cars impatiently waiting and yelling out mean things.
I saw the radiant of the sun and the black clouds up ahead.
I saw people living life like they were dead.
I saw people laughing and talking merrily,
I saw people fighting over mundane things.
I saw the ups and downs of the human race,
I saw good and evil raiding this place.
I looked into the mirror to get a better look at me,
I saw some things in my life that I needed to keep, and others to be cleaned.
Life has its share of ugly and beauty,
But it isn't about the world, it's about you and me.
It's about what we do to make it beautiful,
It's what we do to glorify God.
It's about what we do to help those in need,
It's all about planting seeds.
Life will be beautiful and it will be ugly,
But we shouldn't dwell on such things.
Examine yourself and tell me what you see,
Is it beautiful or is it ugly?

I wrote this poem at the end of last year,
I thought it seemed fitting.
Any comments on the approaching new year?


  1. I am in love with that poem! <3 <3
    Time is crazy. It blows my mind on a regular basis. :P lol. Do you ever feel like you're just tryin' to keep up with it? yeh...

  2. Wow! amazing poem.
    I'm a realist. all the dang way. xD
    and yeah, time is something i'll never figure out, i've tried. but i honestly don't think its worth my time to think about ;)

  3. I think Eddie will be a marvelous Marius. His voice is beautiful and I think he'll be one of the few people who can pull of the role without seeming like a wimp. (Haven't seen the movie yet, so I am speaking of him in future tense)

    And oooooooh you wrote that?? That's brilliant.

    It's going to be a scary year for me. I'll be graduating and needing to get a job and.... I'm really shy, so going into the world kind of terrifies the life out of me. :D

  4. That poem is sooooo good. I enjoyed reading the entire thing the first time, then I read the "realist" part three times afterward. You are a very talented writer. :)

  5. Love the poem! I wish you a very very happy new year! Hope all your wishes will come true.

  6. That poem shows a lot of insight on your part! You got the right words in all the right places. =)
    These past couple posts have been so inspiring, yours and everyone elses!
    Btw, I did read all your posts of late, though I didn't comment on them, just wanted to let ya' know. =D