Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cold Weather

Cold Weather takes me to places I've never been. It takes me to small quaint cafes with calm music and sophisticated lattes. It takes me to your arms where warmth and solace is stored. It takes me to longer nights where roads go on forever dimly decorated by a few working streetlights. It takes me to Country hills with thin, foggy air that we fly down hand in hand laughing as only we know how. It takes me to breathe in specks of cinnamon and vanilla. The wind whistles our names carefully as if they were delicate to hold. Our sychronized breaths make an appearance in the thin air. My sweater hides me as I sink into it soaking up the comfort it is offering me. Red lipstick can be found on my lips as brown splatters the clothes in my closet. Cookies bake in the oven creating heavenly smells as Christmas music belts out loudly making it's presence known. Colder weather takes me to place I've never been and places I have cherished. It frames memories, creates memories and dreams memories. Cold weather IS a memory. Cold weather makes me think of YOU.

(Ps. One week until Christmas.)


  1. This is awesome :) What is it about winter and the country and snow that is so much more romantic then summertime? Honestly!

  2. <3 <3 :) I wish I felt the same way all the time about cold weather. lol. I have mixed feelings about it most of the time.
    This is a Loverly post. <3

  3. I LOVE cold weather. I don't often hear other people express the same sentiment. Cold weather invigorates me. I am totally on team winter :)

  4. "Our sychronized breaths make an appearance in the thin air." - my favorite line; just like the words. =D