Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Spirit

I know everyone has been writing wintery posts, and I have to follow the crowd with this one. I just can't help it! I love December so much. I love the colder weather. I love the late night fires. I love the flavored coffee's that warm your heart. I love knowing that whenever I go out late at night that there will be beautifully lit lights to help guide me home and keep me company. I love that if I wanted to, I could without a doubt listen to Christmas music on 94.9 if I needed some Christmas spirit going. I love the advents, the Christmas performances, the cheerier people. I love the visions of sugar plums dancing in people's heads. I love the Secret Santas, the Christmas parties, the making of Christmas gifts. I love the break to breathe and relax. I love the Winter playlists. I love the Christmas blog posts. I love the Christmas movies like: Elf, The Santa Claus, White Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life, Rudolph, Miracle on 34th Street, a Christmas Story. I love more family time. I love the Christmas parade. I love the Jingle Bell candle lit run. I love the sales and holiday desserts. I love it all. And I love the true meaning of Christmas most of all. I love that a Savior was born. Because we all would be lost and eternally dead when we die if He had not come to save us.

" In the falling snow
A laughing boy holds out his palms
Until they are white. "

--Richard Wright--

What do you love most about this season?



  1. Lovely post, Soph! I agree with everything! :D


  2. :D I love this post. It's terribly cozy. ^_^ <3

  3. So pretty and inspiring. Your posts always make me smile :)