Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Resolutions

Every year I write a letter or note recapturing the year and what I've learned from it.
This year, I've decided to not do that.
 Because I've learned so much and a lot has happened and the biggest lesson I have learned when I piece together everything that has happened is that God is in control, He is faithful, and He will bring you through it.
No matter what goes on, you'll make it out alive and to the other side.
So keep you chin up, a smile on your face, and keep changing the world with every breath you breathe, step you take, world you paint.
I don't have any new year resolutions.
I always forget the ones I make anyways.
So, here's to the new year up ahead,
here's to living it fully and to our best,
and to putting others above our selves.
Here's to a year of ups and downs ahead,
and a new start, a new bud to bloom.
Here we are, bring it on.

Here's to celebrity crushes to be found,
Memories to be kindled,
Mistake to be made,
Photos to be Taken,
Pie to be Eaten.
Treasure it All.
On side notes,
I watched Les Miserables for a second time in Theaters and I just adore Eddie Redmayne.
Have a Happy New Year's Eve!


  1. hes cute. i need to go see that and the hobbit and breaking dawn... i am so behind its ridiculous! happy new year my friend xoxo

  2. "Here's to celebrity crushes to be found" haha, this made me chortle.
    so true.
    I love this post<3
    I hope the best for you in 2013!

  3. Happy New Year! Hope it's a great year :D

  4. That picture "I look to the sea" That's... that's you, isn't it?

    Happy New Year!!!

  5. I simply adore this post. :) <3 I'm so glad I "met" you this year! ^_^ Happy New Year, Soph! <3

  6. Happy New Year, girl! There's so much to be excited and hopeful about, and it seems like you are. :)

    That picture of You've Got Mail in front Riverside Park. No words. It's actually on my unofficial bucket list to go there! :)

  7. I wish all your dreams come true in 2013, happy happy new year!

  8. what a lovely collection of quotes :) so inspiring. happy new year!