Monday, December 10, 2012

Really Happy

This weekend was pure awesomeness.
I really am really happy.

It started with me finishing up my last day of classes.
I have only two finals to go before I'm finished.

Friday was like Christmas for me. That day was one of the best days of my life. A day of infinite moments. It was right. All of it.

I started the day baking cookies and my friend Heidi came over to help. We made peppermint cookies, pistachio and almond bark, andes mint cookies, and gingerbread men. She made an Elvis gingerbread man and I made a Mexican Gingerbread man with a mustache. It was our first time making gingerbread men ever. She also gave me a Christmas present! She knows me so well, she got me a stocking full of little gifts but my favorite were these little packets of starbucks pumpkin spice coffee that when you mix with milk, its suposed to create their pumpkin spice lattes. :) She knows me so well and my love/addiction for those things. <3

Afterwords, me and my family went Downtown St.Pete and registered for the Jingle Bell run. It was a 5K race that was candlelit and a long the run were various bands playing Christmas music and lights everywhere. We also got free t-shirts, glowsticks, and jingle bell bracelets. It was so much fun. At the end of it, I met up with my friend Nora and we stopped at a gelatto place that she works at and I got the most amazing Amaretto Expresso Shake in the world. It's like Heaven for your tastebuds. Then we strolled a long some admiring the lights and taking pictures in Santa's sleigh. Lastly, I got a present from Nora too! She got me... a Camera Coffee Mug!!!!! I had seen one of these things on Pinterest and I've wanted one so badly, and she got me one. It was the best day ever. With all of these things combined, I couldn't be happier or more grateful for my friends and family and small things like cookie baking or Jingle Bell runs. It was a day to remember.

Saturday, I got my Twinings tea samples so naturally, I had to try one. I got Monkey Oolong Tea and it was amazing. I, also, had a soccer game which was also fun. :)

Sunday, I had my last dance rehearsel before the big Christmas performance! We also got Secret Santa gifts. After that my family and I headed over to Denny's to check out the new Hobbit menu and it was AHMAZIN'. I recommend the seedcake french toast. I also spent some time practicing my gollum impression there. After thaaat, we headed over and watched the Christmas parade which was very lovely because everyone was merry. :) Unfortunately noone was Pippin though. ;) heehee, i kid, i kid.

Honestly, I really wish I could upload my pictures so you can see everything for yourself. But since you can't I'll just upload a collection of photos and there will be the examples of the wonderful gifts I got. :)

She's so classy.

I am so happy. Everything is beautiful. Everything is falling in perfect.

Tell me some of your happy thoughts, events, news.
Even if it's just discovering a happy song, a happy fragance, a happy little crunchy leaf, a happy cup of eggnog. Tell me anything; I'll take it.


  1. <3 Sounds very happy and fun!! <3 Glad you had an awesome week too!

  2. Wow so wonderful!
    And here I send you SNOW! ;) (Because you wanted it ;)

  3. the feeling of finishing classes and finals.... The. Best.
    i have 5 more finals haha but i can almost taste the freedom! and it tastes dang good :)

  4. Glad you're happy! Being happy is the best.

  5. I am so glad you are happy, friend!! What a blessing and joy! :)

  6. I need to be your friend. seriously, then I wouldn't feel so creepy about how when i read your posts i find myself saying "i love you!" as if i actually know you. haha. you're awesome. my weekend was epic, i am now wishing i had written about it. but oh well. :D

  7. I totally get you!!! Reading your blog ALWAYS makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside:) xoxo (So happy that you're happy)

  8. I am glad you are so happy<3 That race sounds awesome with lights and xmas music!! I agree with UNDER MY HAT your blog makes me happy too!<3