Tuesday, September 24, 2013

One day

Maybe one day you will wake up in the middle of living your life and suddenly everything will be okay and it'll all make sense and you'll be alright and you won't be tired and you'll be happy and it'll be okay. You won't know what happened or how it happened, but it happened. And you're okay.
I think it can happen, I've seen it happen to thousand of peoples.
So, for those of you who are tired and confused and grey and don't know what's going on or how to live life, I hope one day it hits you and you finally get it. And I hope you have the hope that I have if you haven't got it yet, and I hope you cling to His hope and promises and your life will radically change the closer you draw to Him.
Because my life has changed because of Him, and I am happy.
I want all of you to be too.


  1. Thank you for this beautiful post Sophie...
    I have needed this. His ways are perfect to us.
    SOmetimes I need to figure this out :)

  2. <3 ^_^ a reply to your wonderful comment on my blog:

    you're right, my posts have been on the sad side, but that's because inside i'm sad. i've lost track of what's important.
    certain relationship issues lately (yes, with a guy) have been weighing me down. i don't think i realized what it was until today. not only that but my spiritual life took a nose dive, you know how when you're doing really well, praying and in the word constantly, and then bam. you get forgetful and you just stop? yeah. that happened. but i'm climbing back on board. painfully and slowly. but it's happening! i've been in a strange daze, a familiar daze. things are starting to clear up, though. i feel like i'm waking up and learning to hope and trust again.

    thanks so much for all the encouragement, you really mean a lot to me! <3 xox