Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekends, Oh Weekends

I think I've pretty much made it a habit to at the end of each weekend, make a weekend post. That's because weekends are eventful. I'll tell you what my weekend consisted of.
- Coffee Date with my older Sister and having the Starbucks barista write Gracie as both of our names
- Getting the same name on our coffee cup
- Photographing a Baby Shower
- Watching the Newsies again (which is by the way, an outstanding musical)
- Going shopping and buying basically everything pumpkin as well as a new Fall outfit
- Having a birthday celebration for my younger sister Maria who's birthday was Thursday
- Auditioning for our Dance company's Christmas performances
- Pie and Coffee
- My dog being my dog, which in other words meaning absolutely awesome
- Reading Les Miserables, Hamlet, Peter and the StarCatchers and re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
-Worked on the story I'm writing
-Finished Once Upon a Time Season 2, and desperately wish to be able to play or portray the character of Belle at some point in my life because I absolutely adore her plus I do actually have brown hair and brown eyes.
- Church

Life is all about the little things, my dears. The little things.
If I had to sum it up, I'd sum it up again with the word: coffee. I think I'm addicted. Thursday night: I had a pumpkin coolatta from Dunkin Donuts (woop woop). Friday day: I had a toasted almond coffee from D and D's. Saturday day: A pumpkin iced coffee from Starbucks. Sunday day: A cup of a new blend of coffee in the mid-day, and a small toasted almond coffee from dunkin donuts. All of this a long with the normal big mug of coffee that I drink every morning.
Yes, coffee sums up the weekend most perfectly.


  1. It lloks fun weekends you have and always with your baby coffee hehe. I wish I could drink a lot. Drinking a lot of coffe will make me sick sometimes.
    Thanks for sharing a littl bit about you in the weekend, I think it will be fun post if I could do this hehe.


  2. Oh that would be so perfect if you got the part of Belle! You would be the best Belle out there, I'm sure. =)
    Love theses pictures..especially the one with all the different sizes and shapes of coffee cups!

    xx ~Jenny