Friday, September 6, 2013

Because every now and then we need a reminder...

My Dear Reader,
Maybe you're a follower of mine.
Maybe you check this blog often.
Maybe you check it once in a blue moon.
Maybe this is your first visit. (If so, welcome.)
Whatever the reason is for why you are here reading this right now, I do think one of the main reasons why you are here is because you needed to hear it. You needed to hear what I'm going to say. I could be wrong, but if so, that's okay. I still felt like I needed to tell you, whoever you is.
You are beautiful. In the way you walk, the way you wear your smile(crooked or straight), the way you drink your coffee, tea, or water, the way you laugh or giggle or cry. You, in all your you-ness, are beautiful. Your time today here on this earth is important. The very breath you breathe is important. Don't waste your time, don't waste your breaths. Life is very short, and very long, but either way you toss the coin, you have one life. One. Appreciate your life, appreciate existing, and make the most of it. You won't always have wonderful days. Life doesn't work that way. You're going to go through tough stuff and you're going to want to break down at some point. Maybe you already have. Maybe there's some of you who don't think you can take this anymore. Well, you can. And I hope you will. Because you matter, and you're beautiful and I want you to be brave and don't give up. There's a Savior who already won the War for you, so you don't have to fight my darlings. You don't have to fight yourself. Sometimes, feelings and thoughts can tear. But don't let them. Grin. Read your favorite book. Buy a cup of coffee. Have a chat with a stranger. Write a letter. And know you are not a lone, you are worth it, this is worth it. Despite what goes on, you must. You must fight. Whether you're sad for a day, or for days. Insecure for a moment, or for hours. Stop. Look in the mirror. You are beautiful. You are loved. I love you. I don't know you, but that doesn't matter.
 I love you.

So, now you should never think that you aren't loved because you are, and I do love you. And I hope that counts in your book. I hope you know I care. And I hope that's enough for right now even if you have these mean kids at school, mean young adults at college, mean adults at work, that's bringing you down and may not like you because they don't stop to see the beauty in you. There's always people who don't like you. But I think what matters is that someone does. So, please believe it. Because sitting here typing this all out, I mean every word and I want them to sink into your heart cavity and for you to look back at the words there and know that I mean them and I need you to know that I mean them and that they are true and that you are loved and beautiful. And most importantly, God will be there always, God will love you always, God won the battle for you. He knows how beautiful you are, because He created you.
So, stop and think about that.
Because we all get carried away by our thoughts.
We all have feelings we think no one else has experienced, but they actually have.
We all need the reminder.
And I needed to say it.
That's all, my dear you. My dear reader, my dear friend. That's all.
I wish you the best in all you do.

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  1. Ah thank you so much Sophie, for being Godly friend of mind in blogland that could bring impact in my real life :)
    I remember sometimes what you have written in this blog to encourage us, and to share your journey.

    I love you too, we are family in Christ and that makes me closer to you.