Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Words are Heartbeats

The smell of greed: It was in the air that night when he looked at that girl and wished her heart was his. It clogged the nostrils of the politician who let the power go to his head, who let his want for status rule over his mind and deteriorate his heart. It poisoned the human race who couldn't stop wanting, couldn't stop and appreciate the world around them. The smell is intoxicating and deadly to all who get too close, tempt fate and indulge in it's wake. To all who don't simply walk away after mindlessly walking into it's path. To all who don't proceed with caution and breathe in the smell of wisdom and pure heart. Take heed, my friends. Take heed.

The color of hope: It's small. The color. It's small but bright. It flickers on and off in yellow flames. But it doesn't stay that way. The color grows. It's not small anymore. It's yellow but now you can see the tints of red licking the yellow and the orange hues hidden in the tips of the flames. It's burning brighter. You couldn't see where you were at first. It was very dark. But the color of hope illuminates everything around you. You can see now, and you can see the color, and it's beautiful. You won't forget the color echoing the word beauty in your life. Once you see hope's color, you can never forget it.

The kindness of a stranger:

It's empowering. It's life-changing. It makes you take pauses. It makes you stop and think about what you have the capability of doing. It makes you ashamed of being shy. It makes you sad when you realize you didn't smile to people who could probably have used one. It makes you want to change. So, you do it. You change.

And it's worth it all.


  1. woah, this. all of it. was beautiful. ^_^

  2. oh wow, this is beautiful Sophie. Probably want to copy this for my book :)may I? hehe

    You are a girl with enchanted thousands words inside you.