Thursday, June 13, 2013

Georgia's On My Mind

5 A.M will be the start of my 3 day journey.
I'm all packed, I'm all ready.
Tomorrow, I'll get into a car with my sister, Mom and friend,
we'll stop by Dunkin Donuts for breakfast,
and the ROADTRIP will commence.
We'll drive, and drive, till we reach a Country Inn near Stone Mountain and we'll spend the afternoon/evening there.
We might eat at a nearby diner and get some good oldfashioned country food and hospitality. Who knows?
Maybe we'll go for an evening swim in the hotel.
The next day, we're going to spend the day in Stone Mountain hiking, watching the laser show, and maybe even taking a Train ride which would be awesome.
That's about all I know. I don't know what all we'll do or how it'll be,
but I do know I'm excited and it will be fun and feed my adventurous heart.

Georgia's On My Mind.


  1. Ohh!!! I *love* road trips!!! Take lots of pictures and have lots of fun!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Oh my word, I went to Stone Mountain two years ago in the winter and it was AWESOME! Hope you're having fun :) GA is the best.

  3. What a lovely blog!

    I have wanted to come to GA as well, I have wanted to come to Passion Conference in Atlanta since ever but Someday maybe :)
    Beautiful pictures. I love the hearts map.

    following you now