Monday, June 10, 2013

Unplanned Spontaneity

Sometimes, journeys are better left unwritten....
But not this time, not in this case.

Where should I start my ventures? Maybe the beginning is a good place... but maybe you want to jazz it up a bit and start somewhere spontaneous like in the middle of the stories? Oh, yes. That's a very lovely idea, let's go with that.
Saturday was a planned day. Saturday we were going to run some errands, spend the rest of the day chilling at home, and lastly, go to this concert/End It Movement event taking place in DownTown St.Pete at this quaint place called; "Everything Dolce." Well, that didn't completely happen in the least. Yes, we ran some errands. But that was about it as far as planned things go. After we ran some errands, we spontaneously decided to take a walk in a park. So, we did. I had my own rustic, nature walking stick and everything, and we even ventured off the marked trails a bit. Yes, rebellious, I know. After the park, we decided we needed some ice cream. So, my Dad suggested to stop by this Amish Creamery and get ice cream there, and we did. And it was a beautiful decision. Then we came home and chilled a bit, ate dinner, etc. Flashforward, it's 6:00 pm and my friend Heidi comes over because we're leaving in a half hour or so to go to Everything Dolce.
Well, flashforward a half hour or so and it's raining.
And the event...
is outside.
Well, no problems, we decide to find a coffee place. And we do.
We find an espresso bar with a cute atmosphere, decent coffee, and extremely nice baristas who held a conversation about the music playing and tattoos. (What else would you talk about at a cute coffee shop?) We took our drinks and sipped our coffees outside under the overhand and watched the rain pour and it was perfect. We even danced a bit in the rain. And lastly, we came home, hyped up and all, and watched a pretty good Comedy.
Spontaneity strikes again.
But of course, our story is not done yet.
We do not know how it begins, nor how it ends.
I suppose we'll go to the beginning now, and let the ending be a surprise.
It was an early morning, as I got up and looked alright, and got into my sister's car.
 It was really almost 9, so I suppose it wasn't early at all, but it felt early.
We drove, until we reached Dunkin Donuts.
You see, Friday, was National Donut Day.
We met up with a friend of ours, and we got ourselves coffee and a free donut.
Me, I ordered the usual; Toasted Almond Coffee with Cream, no sugar.
The ordering of the donut was new for me though, as I can't remember the last time I had one from Dunkin Donuts.
However, an item on my Bucket List is to dip a donut in coffee and eat it like you see cops do in tv shows and movies.
So, I settled with a simple cinnamon donut and I tried the two together, and it was heavenly.
Perfection at it's finest.
We had nice conversations and we met the nicest person who basically made that day.
I don't know his name, but I know he coveted and wanted a green old fashioned car that drove past and we all could see out the window, he had two daughters and one of them came to visit him at work and he had a special handshake with her and it was adorable, and I know he was highly entertaining.
He was dancing, and cracking jokes, and all around awesome.
He also gave us coupons on donuts and muffins for Dunkin Donuts.
He certainly was an unexpected perk to the day.
After that adventure, we also, spontaneously decided to go to the beach.
So, we did.
And I soaked up some sun, read some more Inhaling the words on the pages of my book, and caught some fresh after storm waves.
Then, that night, I saw a local band play and watched an Improv Comedy Show and it topped off the epicness of that day.
Well, you've heard the beginning of my adventures, and you've heard the middle.
Now, I bet you're dying to hear the end of it?
The big finale?
Well, I am too.
My adventures haven't stopped, and I don't think they will stop.
They'll keep going as long as I'm still up for them.
As long as Summer still beats in my veins,
and  new chances beat in the air of Fall,
So will my Adventures keep on strumming.
I will keep moving on, and my stories will too,
and the ending is far from here yet.

What about my Sunday adventures you ask?
Well, they were good and plenty but not worth mentioning.
Don't ask me why, though.
Just don't.
The Future is Waiting,
The Past is Done,
and Life Has Merely Begun.
Put on your hard hats, dears,
Let's Go Exploring.
Escape the normalness of life whenever you can.
Breathe fresh air.
Turn off your laptop.
Read a book.
Photograph important and unimportant things.
Document life.
Write feverously.
Live With Passion.
Go Out On A Whim Sometime;
It. Won't. Kill. You.
And remember, sometimes the best things are;

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