Monday, June 24, 2013

Bask In the Moonlight, Dance in the Storm

This week has been crazy. But good crazy.
I got to spend the week with my good, crazy awesome friends.
I got to eat pie.
I got to sleep extra hours in the day.
 I got to see Monsters University(which I highly recommend, it's so cute). I got to eat cinnamon toast crunch for dinner.
I got some Starbucks coffee this weekend.
I got to go to the beach.
I got to experience a Thunderstorm and caught in one.
I got to enjoy sometime in downtown st.pete and have my favorite amaretto espresso shake.
 I got to put up the final decorations in my room.
 I got to eat out for lunch with my family.
 I got to take pictures of the Supermoon.
I got to dream, and dream big.
Because that's what I do, and that's what Summers are for.

 I painted with the moonlight too as you can see.
Because painting dreams in the sky, is fun.

Honestly, one of my dream mottos is;

And Dream Big.
And go for it(as long as it IS within reason, and within moral boundaries and something you think could be your Dream that God has for you)

But be flexible.
And don't think it'll come to you because you wished upon a star for it.

Sometimes, you have to work for your dream.
And sometimes even if you work for it,
you might not achieve it.
Which means that you need a different and new dream, because that might not be the dream God has for you.
Honestly, its not in black and white whether the dream you pursue or want is God's dream or want for You.
But you will find out,

I do believe that.
You'll know if you're on the right path,
and it'll happen if it's supposed to happen.
And if it's not the right path,
you will know that's it not,
but it's up to you to get off it and find a new path.

And if that's the case,
that you find yourself not able to live your current dream because some dreams cannot be...
still don't ever stop dreaming.
But DO change your dream.
And chase that one,
and follow it,
and see where it goes.
And keep going until you find the one God has for You.
Because even if it's not how you perfectly envisioned it, it's the perfect one for You.
He has your best interests in mind.

And remember, seldom do we find out what we truly want or need right away or the first time.
Sometimes it's not after we really check ourselves and pray about what God wants for us,
that we find it.

So, don't ever give up.


  1. Wow. Painting with the moon. How beautiful.

    And yes, never give up and dream. Never stop dreaming.

  2. I LOVE this.

    Dreams are what keep people alive. :D lol. But Painting with the moon is a brilliant idea. I LOVE it. :P

  3. Love your pictures! And the awesome writing at the end!
    Dream big! I think we all need to remember to do just that! :)