Wednesday, June 5, 2013

 "Absence makes the heart grow fonder...
or forgetful."
That's the sad truth huh?
 Sometimes we don't know which of the birds who fly North for the Winter are the returning birds.
The birds who's hearts grow fonder versus the birds who forget.
 And sometimes we won't know until they fly North.
Anyways, just a thought.
So, yesterday I had sushi, went for a walk, made peanut butter brownies, watched NeverEnding Story, danced around with my sister, and went for a walk on the beach. :)
It was eventful and fun.
How was your Tuesday?

And it truly is, you know?
Let's not waste a moment of it.
Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1. Georgia. My sister is going to a wedding up in Georgia and my Mom and I are going up with her, but we're going to be hiking through Stone Mountain while she's at the wedding. I'm SO psyched. I'm ready for woods and forests and wildlife. Which reminds me... YOU muuuust watch this; I just love it so much.
2. St.Augustine. The week of Fourth of July we'll be going as a family trip to this old historic city for the first time. It sounds so cute and cool covered with cafe's and antiques and also there's supposed to be a huge firework display over one of their forts. :)
3. Boston Cream Pie. 'Nuff said.
4. The Mission Trip. Or Camp. It's in Ormond Beach, FL and me and my friend get to go as supervisors so it's sorta exciting. :)
5. Highland Rec Center Pool that my friend Heidi and I are going to. It has many waterslides, and I love waterslides. :)
6. Small things like Swing Dancing, or Comedy Improv Shows.
7. The Whole Summer. It's Bright, and Beautiful and Full of La Posibilite.
8. And lastly, the end of Summer, where I get to try out my wings a bit with the classes I'm taking. Who knows what will be in store for me.
Life is happening,
it's here.
It's as real as a stamp on an envelope.
So enjoy it.
Get excited about it.
Look forward to what it has in store for you.
And love it.


  1. All the things to look forward to sound so awesome. :D Oh, and I actually went to St. Augustine last time my family went to Disney World and from what I remember it's really an interesting place. The chapel there is one of the oldest structures in the U.S., I believe.

    And you're right; life is happening right now and there is SO much to enjoy in it. :) Even the littlest things are full of happiness if we look hard enough. <3

  2. This is a lovely post.. my boyfriend is moving away for a couple of months (we'll still see each other 4 days a week but a bit different to sharing a home) soon so I'm hoping it'll be a 'heart grow fonder' case! x

  3. You have a way of making life beautifully charming. I love reading your posts and getting all whistful, haha! It's a beautiful thing.

    Enjoy your summer!! I love reading about your adventures :)

  4. I believe in this quote and use it often in my own thinking...its a shame isn't it?? I love it when you come across someone who tends to fall in the "fonder" category. :)