Friday, June 28, 2013

Where anything is possible

I still believe this, even if the world tries to prove me wrong.
You see, I think that's the key to growing up.
I think it's keeping innocence.
But not ignorance.
I'll tell you what I mean.
I mean, you are undoubtedly going to be broken, bruised, and used in your life.
I know one of the hardest parts about being young is that you are naïve.
So you think you're best friend will never ever turn their back on you.
Because you'd never do that to them, so why would they do that to you?
It's a no brainer that they would keep you as their friend too.
It's a no brainer that if they somehow were not able to be with you and stay friends, that they would regret it and miss you terribly because you knooow that that's how you would feel if that were you.

But that's when you learn the cold bitter truth that some people don't feel or think that.
Some people can easily move on and forget and not miss.
And some people can easily hurt other people, even if you wouldn't dare hurt them.
And it's hard to grasp.
But as adults, we learn that.
And we know the world has ugly in it.
We're not ignorant.
We know about trials and hardships.
But here's where we can maintain our innocence.
It's when we're tough when we need to be and we get through those trials.
Its when we're there for people until they get past their hardship.
It's when we're kind and listen and serious when we needst be.
But then when the serious and the sad past,
we learn to be happy again and we live like we've forgotten that the world is capable of being cruel and sad.
We see the world as beautiful again, not ugly.
Sure there will be ugly again, but in that moment it's beautiful.
You can get through the ugly with adult eyes,
and see the beautiful with child's eyes.
And you remain innocent.

That's the key, I think.
At least, it's working for me.
Life's not a piece of cake, and it never will be.
And I'm serious when I needst be.
But I never ever give up dreaming or hoping or being okay with what Life offers me.
And I never pass up an opportunity for adventure and laughter.
And I also keep holding onto the promises of God, and holding onto the joy I get from Him.
And honestly, I still believe that anything IS possible.
Because it Is.


  1. Such an encouragement post. all the pictures and quotes.
    I love the first quote about the little girl. Thats why I love playing with them sometimes :) and that reminded me of my favorite song Dream by Priscilla Ahn.

    Have a good weekend friend.


  2. Just what I needed to hear. I'm often worried I become naive repeatedly, because I always end up believing beautiful things will happen, no matter how many times I may be let down, but you're right, it's innocence.

    Sheesh, this was a really good post. Happy weekend! :)

  3. :) This post is perfect, Soph. As always. <3
    In response to your comment on my blog: Honestly, I've been better...I'm getting through, though. lol. <3 Your comment is precious. Thank you so much for caring. :) You and your blog have always been such an encouragement to me. <3 :)
    And seriously, I've read this post probably three times. :) I've missed reading your blog! Glad to be back.

  4. I miss the way things were a couple years ago. I don't like change. And I don't know if I'm just super emotional or something, but this post made me cry. So you know... thanks for that. *wink*

    God bless!