Thursday, June 27, 2013

This One is For You

Do you wrap your hair in a towel once you've gotten it wet?
Do you rush to the coffee pot first thing in the morning?
Do you ever make faces at yourself in the mirror on those days where you are in a really weird mood?
Do you ever talk in a British accent?
Do you have a dog best friend?
Did you ever watch Arthur as a kid?
Do you still put out cookies for "Santa" on Christmas Eve?
Did you ever put out cookies for "Santa" on Christmas Eve?
Have you ever jammed to a Hannah Montana song?
Have you ever made homemade rice crispy treats?
Have you ever tasted sugar cane?
Did you ever name your Thanksgiving Day Turkey?
Did you ever go Black Friday shopping?
Do you have an obscure or bizarre tradition that you absolutely love?
Have you ever made a home-made apple pie?
Have you ever tried(and did you like) a minced pie?
Is apple cider a common friend at your house in the Fall?
How about pastels in Spring?

This one's for you.
Yeah, you.
The one sitting at home, or at work, or outside(but most likely not outside) reading this.
The one who might possibly be wondering if I'm talking about one specific person or just to anybody who reads this.
Yeah, you know who you are.
Because you are reading my words I carefully typed for you.
And yes, I am talking to you.
And yes, I want to know.
And yes, this one is for you.


  1. I mentally said "yes" to all of those except the mincepie. haha! I liked this, though :)

  2. I realized that I said 'No' to almost all of the questions. I need to get cracking on these.


    Life's Perceptions

  3. This is fun post :D
    I think most of my answer is now.

    Hope you have great day.


  4. Holy smokes, yes. This is almost all relatable to me. *sigh* And its making me think of Autumn being our next season to look forward to. :)

    A very sweet post, Sophie. (And by the way, yes, I was singing The Best Of Both Worlds all by myself the other day.)

  5. Oh, Hannah Montana. I actually miss that show...I don't know, A TON. And I watched Arthur every day. And had the books. YES.

    This was amusing to read. I liked it a lot! :)