Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I'm taking a brief break from continuing my Georgia series because tonight, I simply didn't want to write about it some more. And it's my blog, and there's no rush, so I'm not going to write out the rest of my adventures quite yet. Instead, I'm going to talk about sunburns.
Yes, my friends, Sunburns.
This may seem like a weird thing to talk about, but I'll explain why I'm talking about them.
First off, I hardly ever get sunburns.
I'm a good girl who puts on sunscreen.
However, when I was hiking up the mountain in the afternoon in Georgia, sunscreen totally slipped my mind.
My Mom didn't bring some with us, and she didn't put some on either, however, I got sunburnt and she didn't.
Not just the little bitty sunburn that makes you look rosy and sunkissed.
My shoulders were red, red, red. (Like think Taylor Swift Red. That's how red they were.)
Okay, so, it wasn't horrible.
I'm not trying to exaggerate. They were red, but they didn't hurt a whole lot.
And I kinda like sunburns.
Yes, that sounds weird.
And no, I don't like getting sunburns 24/7 and damaging skin.
However, I like the feeling of the lotion and the feeling and mark of having been out doing something adventurous, and having a story behind it.
Like, I'm not talking about a sunburn you got for laying out on the beach all day with no sunscreen.
I'm talking about hiking up a mountain in Georgia with your Mom and having her not get sunburned, and you having got sunburned even though you usually don't get sunburned.
It's a story.
It's a tattoo.
It's a landmark.
It's a souvenir of your journey.
And yes, it may fade in a few days, but the memory won't.
So, I like sunburns.
The story, tattoo, marking kinds.


  1. Oh, I understand this one very much. I got a sunburn from doing a trail ride at the stables I had been helping out at. It's kind of like a war wound you're proud of. :)

  2. "My shoulders were red, red, red. (Like think Taylor Swift Red. That's how red they were.)"

    hahahahaha! I totally laughed at that. I just thought it was funny :P

    I burn so easily, so I'm always the one slathering on sun block, too. When I went to the beach a few weeks ago I put some on, but apparently I missed a strip on my shoulder because there was a bright red streak there for a few days. Also, I never tan. I usually just peel. But this time? Yeah, the stripe tanned. Just my luck. haha.

    Anyway, I get why you like sunburns! I guess in that sense I like them too :)