Friday, June 21, 2013

Roadtrip Series #3: The Finale

The last day started with waffles. Those really good kind that seem all fancy because they are made in a waffle iron and have designs on them. :) It's the best way to start off a day. And honestly, the rest of the day was spent driving home. And the drive home was pretty much the same as the drive up, only with one exception.
You see, sometimes, we have to leave behind our life, our home, and our routines ( even if it's for a weekend, or maybe a week, or maybe a few months) to appreciate once again the warmth of your home and bed, the normality and fun of catching up with your friends, the love and loyalty of your dog, and the beauty of the life that takes place around you in your hometown.
I truly believe that.
But that's what I like about trips so much.

Trips are a three part journey;
1. The Anticipation. 
The part before your trip where you're packing and planning and so ready to escape the world and leave.
2. The Journey Itself.
The part where you've reached the destination and you have no worries, and you stray from routine, you live on spontaneity and you never once look at the clock because time doesn't matter. You just live.
3. The Return.
And the return is what I just described. You are happy and content with the breathe of life and adventure you experienced, but now you are ready to go home and you are grateful for your home and to get back to routines, friends, and life.
Trips are necessary and lovely, they truly are.
Make adventures happen, love.
Life's full of them really.
If you let it.
If you take chances.


  1. Ahhhh oh my goodness, this post is so good to read right now, it resonates SO much with me! I lov part one: the anticipation, of course :)))) going through that right this very moment!

  2. I love the parts of trips. You captured beautiful :)
    And I love the way you wrote your trip oh this blog :)

    Have a great weekend.