Monday, June 17, 2013

RoadTrip Georgia Diary Series #1

Hey Y'all. :)
I am back from my short(but seemingly long) roadtrip.
I have a lot to say, so I thought I might take it day by day.
There were three days, so I'm making this a three part series post.
I just got in as of last night, so I haven't gotten a chance to catch up on posts yet.
But I'll probably have time today.
I did get up at 5 am.
We picked up our friend Katrina,
Stopped at D and D's for some coffee(Toasted Almond Coffee for me),
and drove.
It was a roughly 10 hour trip.
As we drove, I mainly slept.
I do that easily.
But I also had some pleasant conversations, and had my hair done in a braid and ate Mexican muffins for breakfast and we snacked on some cheez-its for lunch.
However, I mostly enjoyed looking out the window at the beautiful grass and country, with the white clouds looking like cotton candy, the road dragging on and on, not a worry in the world, passing cute brick houses with porches and hammocks and nearby creeks, and the music playing about not being a day over fast cars and freedom, about ice cold cherry coke, about feeling wanted, about Georgia stars, about leaving worries behind, and about beating Summer and it was;
Because I love just sitting in a car with music on (usually country or traveling music) and roaming down unfamiliar territory that seems so welcoming and friendly.
That seems so full of adventure and stories.
And the music feeds your happy daydreaming soul.
You know?
'Cause in those moments where you have time to sit there and think and watch and exist and appreciate life, you also have the ability to daydream and it's so easy to imagine that your daydreams could come true when you're riding in that car through the country with good company, nothing really planned, and a heart full of adventure.
It was so easy to picture finding myself a good, well-raised, gentleman
and we end up living in the country(even if its for a short period of our life),
Riding horses with him in the day,
Watching the sunset on mountain tops,
Catching fireflies by night,
Learning how to make homemade pies,
Having our neighbors become our good friends,
Sipping coffee on the front porch in the early morning,
Taking our kids on hikes and fishing trips.
Yes, it's easy to picture myself living in the Country someday, with the guy God's picked out for me.
 But you never know what road Life will take you.
But that's what makes it so interesting and beautiful.

There wasn't a lot of pictures taken that day,
But it was still very memorable and enjoyable.
I hope you enjoy long car rides and roadtrips and daydream.
Besides all this, when we reached our hotel it was about dinner time.
So, we went to Applebee's near by and feasted like Kings and Queens.
Then we came back and swam in the hotel's pool and hot tub and had loads of fun.
Because we were hyped up with anticipation.
Sometimes, anticipation is one of the best parts of a trip, don't you think?
After goofing off in the pool, we grabbed some coffee(it was free), and went up to our hotel room and after we all showered and were waterlogged but comfortable, we pulled up our blankets and laid back in our well cushioned beds and watched Pride and Prejudice because it was on tv and let's face it, it's an amazing movie.
Then we slowly drifted sleep.
I think hotels are always a fun experience too.
Don't you?
I love log cabins, don't get me wrong.
But I also like hotels because they're so comfortable and make me feel luxurious.
If that makes sense?
It may be only a two night stay and it may not have so many cool features,
but it's homey and comfortable and has good free breakfasts and I like it.
Keira Knightly is drop dead gorgeous and it isn't fair.
That's all,
For Day One.

A simple, but beautiful day heading to Georgia.


  1. "Sometimes, anticipation is one of the best parts of a trip, don't you think?"
    Love this, because it's so true. Also, anticipating something makes you daydream even more about the destination.
    I actually wrote about anticipation recently...ha

    Can't wait to hear about the rest!

  2. Oh how fun!
    Sounds you had great time. Agree about your daydream when the music play on. I'm used to kinda like that hehe :)

    Cant wait to hear from you back. Thanks for encouragement words on my blog.