Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Georgia Roadtrip Diaries Entry #2

This day... well it was something.
The morning started off with us going to down to eat some breakfast.
I naughtily ate a chocolate muffin for breakfast, but then again, I was on a roadtrip.
You don't get to eat chocolate muffins for breakfast everyday.
Then, we all came back to our hotel room and my sister Grace and friend Katrina got ready for the wedding they were going to.
After that, we all journeyed down to where the wedding was being held and dropped them off.
Then me and my Mom went to Stone Mountain.
We hiked that 1.3 miles up the beautiful rocky mountain (That's technically a rock hill) and holy cow was it amazing.
You don't have to be a nature enthusiast to have appreciated the sight.
You could see everything from up there.
Not to mention the clouds were perfectly beautiful and present but not too cloudy.
You could see the city in a blue haze far out.
You were on top of the world.
I was on top of the world.
After a good amount of time spent there, we hiked back down(a far less vigorous trip and a lot more fun). Then we walked over to Stone Mountain park where we rode a Train around the mountain, saw some deer, and also witnessed the huge carving on the side of the mountain of Jefferson Davis, Robert E.Lee, and "Stonewall" Jackson. It was quite impressive.
Then the wedding had gotten over so a friend named Cameron drove my sister and Katrina over to the Park and we all enjoyed it together. We went to a butterfly garden and got to feed the butterflies. We ate some delicious pizza. And lastly, we grabbed some not-so-cheap- but- still -worth -it = milkshakes and watched a laser show in the evening which had these awesome projections on the side of the mountain that went a long with music. There was also an AMAZING fireworks display on the mountain that went off as the Star Spangled Banner played, as well as some patriotic and moving projections. I did my best to capture what I could but my phone was low on battery and not very quick. After that was over, we headed back to the hotel, getting in around midnight. Dead tired and sunburnt, I drifted swiftly to sleep.

I have plenty of pictures left to show,
but they are on my sd card from my camera,
and I haven't had time to upload them all yet.
I shall continue day 2 pictures.
I hope you enjoy life, guys.
I hope you do.


  1. "We hiked that 1.3 miles up the beautiful rocky mountain (That's technically a rock hill) and holy cow was it amazing." Ahaha, I love that! =D
    The clouds are just amazing when you're up that high and can see that far; especially the way the sunbeams filter down through the clouds...sooooo beautiful. It reminds me of the way sunbeams dance when you're under water looking up. Somthing I could do for hours if I could hold my breath that long! =D

    The fourth picture from the bottom and the last are my favorites!

    xx `Jenny

    P.s. I like how you mixed 'em all up, instead a block of butterfly pics, then fireworks, then clouds....etc. it's fun to look through!

  2. I love the shirt you are wearing on the pictures! :)
    Sounds and looks like a wonderful day :)

  3. Love those pictures! Looks like a really amazing time.