Monday, June 3, 2013

Mickey Mouse

I found this video...
and suddenly I feel sad.
It's because of the old man who sang it, and taught it to me who always ate his breakfast when I ate lunch once every week at the Target lunch counter back when I was a little kid.
I feel sad because I never really realized what a gift he taught me.
I mean, that song is old.
It's from 1955 back during the Mickey Mouse Club days which I didn't even know existed.
I didn't know that though, when he sang it and taught it to me.
I didn't know where it was from or how old it was.
And I think of him and I think that I'm so glad he was able to share that with me.
Because many kids probably didn't know that and don't know that.
Yes, they may grow up with the Disney movies,
but they may never grow up with that song or any of those old tv shows and original mickey cartoons like he did.
And now because of him, I'm watching old mickey cartoons at midnight and the mickey mouse club,
and I'm thinking of him.
And although he might never know that I did that or that I'm writing about him,
and though he might not even still be alive,
I'm honored to have met him and I'm honored to be sharing his story.
And I wish somehow that he knew how much he impacted me,
but then again maybe he did.
And even though he might have been sad to think that kids of my age never would see those old cartoons and shows,
I did.
And I think that would have made him happy to know that.
I hope if he's alive, that he's happy and lived a good life.
And I hope he did have a good childhood and adulthood.
And I hope people appreciated him.

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