Saturday, September 22, 2012

Life Lessons

One thing that I've learned as life goes on, is that nothing is as sure as it seems. That everything has the possibility of change. (Except God) And that most likely, your life won't ever stay the same and hold the same people over the years. You will change in bits and pieces, (even if it's small things like finding out you like oatmeal now), and people will change around you. New people will float in, and sometimes old people will float out. Some times old people will stay.
You just never know.

But how to go about dealing with changes...
Well, I've found out and keeping finding out is that when change comes, you move on. You keep going, and you move on, because that's all you can do. And the sooner you accept and acknowledge change instead of resisting it, the easier it is to go on in life. The easier it is to make the change become normality again.

I used to fear change and I used to dread it. But now I know it's a regular part in life, and that it's never the end of the world. Some changes are weird, some changes are sad, but most of the time it's for the better.
                                                  Whether we realize it or not.

Just looking back at how my life was a month ago surprises me. There have been changes, but it's okay. I'm okay with the changes and I'm learning to live with them and be happy no matter what changes come to pass.

"Things change, and friend's leave and life doesn't stop for anybody."
--Perks of Being a Wallflower
What are some changes you've had in life that seemed awful but turned out to be for the better?


  1. Oh such WONDERFUL photos!!! I love this post!

  2. oh, wonderful pictures! i love the last one.. so pretty and simple. i have learned to adore change in my own life. one change for me was a huge break-up with my ex and things that followed after. but, it turned out for the best! i am now in a great state in my life, enjoying the simple things again.. and found a man i want in my life forever. things may seems awful, but what goes up must come down (and the opposite! in that case).

  3. Oh! That picture of the pines with the sunlight filtering through...*sigh*. I would love to go there.
    Changes? Yeah, some old friends have moved,and strangers took their places. But those "strangers" are now my best friends,and I have a better friendship with them, even though I haven't knonw them as long as the others! God always knows best, even if we don't relize it... =)

  4. You know, I'd like to put your button on my blog but I don't know how.??? I saw you had two buttons on yours so I figured you'd know....ya?
    P.s. I like your new blog background!

  5. Eh... I just don't like change. I know it happens, and I know there is nothing I can do about it. But it frightens me somewhat.

    But hey, if my sisters hadn't gotten married I wouldn't have my nieces and nephews... and what would live be without little kids with their innocence and sweetness?

    Lovely photos, Sophie. :)

    God bless!

  6. Nope! Not the slightest idea! =D
    but a girl who's blog I follow says she'll make one for free, so I guess I'll ask her.
    If I figure it out I'll let you know. =)