Monday, September 24, 2012

A Dreamer's Dance

A dreamer's dance is the air she breathes.
It's the drum he beats.
It's the melody leaking into the pores of their skin.
It's the heart strum heard deep within.

A dreamer's dance is graceful and sweet.
It's a greeter's suttle greet.
It climbs upon mountains and swings from trees.
It's where I lose myself and find me.

                                                     Can someone do this with me? Anyone?

You had vulnerability in your toes,
Innocence on your clothes.
The world was but a broken dream,
But still you danced a Dreamer's Dream.
You didn't know how to exist, just to be.
That's what made you beautiful to me.
You read and you wrote,
In a thousand ways.
With a reckless abandon,
To your Summer days.
Now winter came and candles lit the night.
You held on to pixie dust with hands hold tight.
You put on your coat and your warm gloves,
And you became a dreamer's dance full of winter love.


  1. This is such a pretty post. <3 It felt beautiful and nostalgic. ^_^

  2. this is beautiful, did you write it? I'll do ugly matching sweaters with you! I've always wanted to that for x-mas ^_^

  3. very beautiful, as always! i love the photos you chose to go along with this story... it made me feel warm and cozy and yes, nostalgic :) xo

  4. Thank you all. :) i did write it, and Noni, yes!!! Lets!