Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Bell Jar

Hi again. I just wanted to apologize once more because I still haven't gotten a chance to comment and look through the blogs I've been following over the weekend. I've still been busy. Even now, I feel sort of rushed and tired and since I'm rushed and tired, I'm going to wait till tomorow to share with you what I've learned over the weekend because I feel like I should be fully awake and be able to take my time when I share with you.

So for now, I'll give you a brief update of my day and last night in Words.

Pizza(from Pizza Hut. A.K.A The best pizza there is), So You Think You Can Dance, Pancakes and Carrot Cake at Potluck Lunch, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Fellowship, Romans 5, Sitting on the Road, The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, My Failed Attempt at Soccer Registration, Realizing Dusty Corners in my Life, Smiling, Deducing.

^^This is a breath taking contemporary piece danced by one of my favorite dancers on SYTYCD (Chehon is his name) and I highly suggest you watch it. A lot of people ask me what contemporary is since I take contemporary dance classes and most people think it's like interpretive dancing. But that's not really accurate. So if you are curious to what it is exactly, you should watch it. And even if you aren't curious, you should watch it anyways.

Well, I had more pictures but apparently my computer decided to be dumb and not upload them all. So you only get those so I hope you appreciate them.

Lessons to learn from those photos:

Nothing is accomplished when you just feel sorry for yourself. So pick yourself up and move on. Breathe and smile and don't dwell on hurtful words or things. You don't have time for that.

Believe in people. Don't give up on them. People do that often enough as it is.

Love and remember that you are Loved beyond all measure.

And lastly, if you have this car or a car like it, drive it everywhere.

The other day I stumbled across something cute about introverts so I'm going to share it real quick and then be on my way.

How to take care of introverts:
•they need their alone time. you can play with them sometimes, but they need to recharge
•introverts often have creative minds. try grabbing their paws and dipping them in some paint, then chase them across a big piece of paper. stick the pawpad painting on the fridge. encourage self-growth
•clean out their cage regularly
•if your introvert is weary of you, try crumbling up some oreos in your hands and beckoning them towards you. feeding your introvert oreo bits will strengthen the bond between you and your introvert.

So that was pretty random but I love it and I hope you do too. And maybe I crazy for this, but I really find the Bell Jar quite interesting too. And last but not least, I don't know what to title my post as so I'll just title it the Bell Jar. Sorry again for being so busy!

                                                    How was your Sunday?
                                                            What's Your Dream Car?
                                                                     Do You Dance?
                                                                                Do You Like to Read?


  1. lol That is the PERFECT way to take care of introverts! (I know... I am one.)

    My dream car... A range rover or a landrover discovery. *sighs* Yeah. I know they're gas guzzlers, but I know a mechanic who says they're really reliable and AWESOME in the snow. (Heh. I need a good snow car.) I LOVE the Rovers. :)

    I do not dance. I'd love to learn ballroom and country dancing, but... I'm shy. lol

    Okay and I do read. A lot. I like fantasy and fiction... how 'bout you?

    God bless!

  2. awe, those pictures are lovely. and the little introvert bit is super cute :)

  3. This is one of my favorite posts because it's just so honest. And it is true, introverts (and extroverts for that matter) do love Oreo bits.

    And...DEDUCING!!! lol It was hard for me not to crack up during the lesson after that.

    You are a seriously great blogger, Soph. :)

  4. :D The picture of that VW bus is my fave. <3 I'm obsessed with them right now. hehe. <3
    lol!! THat bit about introverts made me giggle. It's cute.
    Sunday? Good. busy. :)
    Car? Lambourghini Murcielago. but until I'm rich enough to have one, I want a vintage convertible VW bug. *so cute*
    Dance? Heck yes! I'm a pro at Car Dance and Dancing with toddlers. ;) other than that. not really.
    Read? Um. There are a few books that I like to read. It pretty much has to capture me within the first 3 chapters if I'm ever gonna finish it. lol.

  5. I love the introvert part and the photos were lovely! Reading is one my favorite things in the world, dancing- not very good at it but still fun to do! and my Sunday was near perfect :)

  6. You always post the most inspiring pictures. I like that love bracelet. And I love your advice on how to take care on an introvert!

  7. love to read! love your introvert list!

  8. Those first pictures spoke to me. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.

  9. great blog! so glad I found it. its ok that you're busy, we all are :)

  10. Sunday? Hmmm, I think worked on blog posts.
    Dream car? Something green...
    Dance? yes, I like to waltz, 1 2 3 *rises on tiptoe*, 1 2 3 *tiptoe*
    Do I like to read?! What a silly question! Of course! =D
    P.s. I've been busy too, and am only just now catching up to everyones blogs!