Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stop and Think Of

The way my Jacket smells. (Like Amber)
The Breeze that Caresses your Face.
The smell of Hot Apple Cider climbing through your nostrils.
Crooked Smiles.
The way your Heart feels Alive after a Run.
The Colors that Collide on the Canvas of Life.
Outstretched Hands.
Kept Promises.
The Scent of New Pine.
Rocking Out in the Front Seat of Your Car.
Complimenting Strangers to Earn a Smile.
Painting Nails a Shade of Periwinkle.
Naming a Star that has Character.
British Accents.
The Avett Brothers.
Having your Head in the Clouds.
Covering your Flaws with Fall Leaves.

Lately, I haven't been real creative.
I'm tired.
And tired.
And tired.
I'll blame it on the book report I had to write.
And the seizure that took away my 1 AM to 5 AM hours of sleep.
And my tea was neglected for 20 minutes because I forgot about it.
And I never know what I'm saying.
Except for sometimes.
I do.


  1. It's always good to stop a little while and just think and listen...thanks for the reminder! :)
    I'm sorry you're tired. <3 I hope get your energy back soon! ^_^

  2. the hot cider, the run, well all of it-- i love! keep smiling :) thinking of you.

  3. those photos are great! and i always find your writing inspiring <3

  4. ok seriously I just discovered the avett brothers....hello love love love!

  5. Yes to all of these lovely things - especially the smell of hot apple cider and fresh pine. Beautifully written. A seizure - oh no, hope you are feeling better now! Wishing you plenty of rest and no more neglected tea :) xo Marisa

  6. You pick such good pictures, you like old typewriters too? I would love to have one some day, they make such a nice sound and it's fun to type on them.
    I can relate to the "And I never know what I'm saying.
    Except for sometimes.
    I do."