Monday, September 3, 2012

Sneaky September!

September snuck up on me!
I'm thankful though.
I don't mind September.
It's a step closer to Fall.
I hope you all had a lovely labor day!
Guess what exciting thing has taken place in my life?
A friend loaned me all of them, and I'm watching them this week.
I'm really excited.
I like them a lot.
Especially Emma Watson.
And especially Ron.

Things I'm thinking about:
God's love.
Harry Potter.
Drive In Movie Theaters.
Good Friends.
Home made things.
Love and All it's Mysteries.
Whether or not I should Vote.
The feel of soft clay.
The way people hold the names of the ones they love softly in their mouth to be forever a safe haven.
My 12 year old self.
The beauty of being thankful.
How Small I am compared to the enormity of this World.
School Work.
How to appreciate some one.
How to show that you appreciate some one.
First Impressions.
Second Impressions.
Similarities and Differences.
What you're going to look like in twenty years.
What I'm going to be doing and where I will be in twenty years.
How many people I can impact in twenty years.
How life is long and short depending on how you look at it.
How quickly perspective can change things.
How pretty optimism looks on people.
How beautiful souls are when they dedicate their lives to God.

Just some things to contemplate and think about. This may seem completely crazy and weird, but sometimes I look at people in a car and I create stories of what their lives are like. Like that old couple in the car I passed on the way to Busch Gardens who were laughing together at something, they've been married for 45 years. Happily married. They have kids who aren't kids anymore. But they still visit from time to time. That old couple is currently traveling around the states together and they're happy because they are with their best friend. They aren't listening to music in the car. Just the sound of each other's voices, laughter, and company. They could be going anywhere and they'd be happy because they're together and that's all that matters.

Also, I play this game while I'm waiting for classes to start. I'm always early, so I almost always have time to play this game. You can always hear the people walking up to the door to our classroom before they open it and step inside. So, I try to guess whether it'll be a guy or a girl who comes in. It's entertaining and it passes time. I hope it's not weird that I do that.

What do you think about?


  1. Haha, I play that game the other way around usually. When I'm in a car/tram/whatever and I go past houses an image of the person/people that might live there always pops up. And I love watching people on the streets too<3

    Anyway, nice images! And have fun with your dvds;)

  2. Have fun watching Harry Potter! Those photos are all really inspiring. I totally do the same thing with people driving in cars! Not really make up stories, but I think about where they're going and live and all that :)

  3. My twelve year old know I do that too.
    Some things she would be pretty shocked at, like how the number of trees I climb each year keeps decreasing, but she would think my skills on a Ripstik are cool. =D
    "How pretty optimism looks on people." That's a thought...