Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The World is Ours

Fantasies were warm dew drop leaves.
Held deep in the corner of the smile on her lips.
She wished away reality,
And dreamt about better things.

The World was hers,
The Future was to her a thousand paged book full of Possibility.

Fantasies were worn out dreams left in trash cans,
Age pulled at the corner of the frown upon her lips.
People told her to come back to earth,
To dream about real things.

The World was shared,
The Future was no longer just up to her and it's limits were constricting.

Fantasies, what did that word mean?
Problems tore apart in the cracks of her chapped lips.
She only knew reality,
And people told her she would never amount to anything.

The World was Cruel.
The Future was dim and foreboding.

Alone, in the kitchen of her rotted apartment.
Tea brewing to drown out her sorrow.
She no longer has any hopes for tomorow.
As she works twelve hours a day...

Ten years later with a four year old in her lap,
Fantasies flew around their heads.
Her fantasy was reality,
Her dreams lived in her husband's love and child's laughter.
Though it was hard to see this as a possibility,
Her future was brighter than she thought, and her reality was better than her fantasy.

The World is Ours.
The Future is full of Bright.

Even if it isn't always in Plain Sight...




I don't know why but I felt like writing today. Which is why I wrote that.
I'll be honest, it was written because I feel like people who have commited suicide don't think about this. Either that or they don't think it's worth it. The future. They don't have hope for it. Or they don't think the pain they are in is worth it.

But I want people to know that it IS worth it. How do you know what the outcome will be if you don't live it out? You could be married to the love of your life and have beautiful kids with your smile and his or her eyes. There is so much you'll never know or experience. I know everybody doesn't get fairy tale endings, but some do. And life is full of changes. You can't give up when there's a change you don't like. Not only this, but the sole purpose is that we are here on this earth for a reason. A beautiful one at that. We are here to serve and worship our Lord and Savior Jesus. And we are suposed to tell others about His free gift and love and sacrifice. As well as this, you have the chance to impact people and drown them in kindness that they may never have known. You have chances to make people's days. You have chances to care and love and be loved. Don't ever throw that away.

Please. You are important. You are worth it. And life is worth it.
Get married, have children, travel the world and grow old.
I want you all to live till you are at least 80 with gray hairs and glasses and possibly dentures.
I understand, obviously, that sometimes that won't be the case.
For whatever reason, God may take any of us into Heaven before that.
And if that happens, that's obviously understandable and for the better because God always has a purpose behind every action of His and we aren't to judge His reasoning but to trust Him.
But if you have a say in it, don't ever end your own life.
Live as long as God allows you too and live it to the fullest.

The Future is full of Hope, Possibility, and It's Bright.


  1. That poem was simply touching. How beautiful! I think you are right. Too often we forget just what it is life is. And how to live it. We have to remember the future is there, always there.

  2. I really liked the poem!!! Very sweet! Loved this post very much. :D

  3. <3 This is wonderful. ^_^ You expressed it beautifully too. <3
    This post reminded me of the quote from Anne of Green Gables where Miss Stacey tells Anne, "Tomorrow is a brand new day with no mistakes in it."

  4. Love the picture of road signs. Beautifully written, I feel touched

    The Young Bridget Jones

  5. I awarded you on my blog Sophie! You should go check it out! :)


  6. inspiring photos! thanks for the sharing. i love the flowers in the mug.

    lindsey louise

  7. That was absolutely beautiful... It made me tear up actually. I really wish everyone could read it right now.

  8. Is the blue daisies painting yours?