Thursday, September 13, 2012

Questions, Questions.


So I was awarded this award and I was told to answer questions. So, thats what I'm going to do. :)
Thanks Life According to Em, for the award and questions and for deciding my next blog post for me! Haha. I hope you find my answers interesting enough to read. Also, I'm including pictures because pictures are so darn awesome. Agreed?

1. What is one of your favorite comfort foods?

Does Coffee count?

2. What is your favorite vacation that you've been on?
My first trip to N.C, where I saw Snow for the first time in my life and built my first ever snowman and sledded down an empty and snowy hill.

3. What is the most trouble you got in as a kid?

Oh boy. How am I suposed to remember? I got into trouble a lot as kid because I was stubborn and adventurous. But not severe trouble, just naughty little kid trouble.

4. What one person do people always say you look like?

I've gotten Emmy Rossum, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Swift. Personally, I don't think I look like any of them. I think it's just because of the curly hair that they associate me with them. I WISH i looked like them. Althought Kristen Stewart doesn't have curly hair so I don't know where that came from.

5. If you could be super talented at one sport/hobby, what would it be?

Singing. I love to sing, but I'm not very good at it. I wish I was though because I always have song lyrics in my head.

6. You're given the chance to jump into a book for 1 week. What book do you choose?
Gosh. This is hard. I definitely would want a book with a happy ending and a pretty place. Maybe Peter Pan? I would love to go to NeverLand and see Pirates, Fairies, Mermaids, and Indians. And Peter Pan himself.

7. Briefly describe your dream house:

I have a couple. I could go with a Cabin in the Mountains or a Cottage by the Sea, or even just a simple house as long as I could add a homey touch to it and decorate it all pretty. I'd be content as long as my family were content.

8. What is your favorite beauty product?

I don't know? That's such a girly question. What does it matter?

9. What is your favorite dessert?
Oh boy. Possibly ice cream, possibly home made cookies or pies. I'll take anything though really.

10. If you were given the opportunity to spend one day with any famous person/celebrity of your choice, who would it be?

One person? GAH. That's hard. I'll give you my options but I cannot pick favorites here...
Taylor Swift, Phil Phillips, Scotty Mcreery, Adam Young, Johnny Depp.
Reasons? They seem like good company to have. I like their personalities.

11. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Being a Hobo. Just kidding. But really, what kind of a question is that? Who knows? Certaintly not I. Things change day to day, how can I know where I'll be in 10 years when I don't even know where I'll be tomorow?

Things I Strongly Encourage You to Do:
1. Watch the first Harry Potter movie (or re-watch it) and marvel over how cute the kids are.
2. Go find yourself some colors. Whether it be in pictures, books, or the sky, find them.
3. Read a Book. Suggestions: The Book Thief, Hard Love or The Fault in Our Stars.
4. Be yourself and appreciate your own true beauty that lies beneath the skin.
5. Pick Flowers, Press Flowers, Give Flowers.
6. Listen to Mumford and Sons. Right now.
7. Make yourself some tea. If you don't like tea, make someone else tea and make their day.
8. Fly. On an Airplane. Off a rock. Off a Tree Stump. Fly.
9. Have a Good day admist the Bad ones.
10. Say goodbye when you are ending a blog.


  1. Gosh I love you! Your answers to questions 6, and 8 were SPOT ON! =D I've never met another girl near my age who wants to meet Peter Pan! <3
    and as always, amazing pictures, esp. the Mumford and Sons one, cos they're epic.

    love this post! btw, i think you'll love this song :)

  2. Your dream house(s) sound really similar to mine. How awesome would it be to live in a log cabin!?

    Congrats on the blog award :)

  3. Snow for the first time? Yes! I love snow. I sure don't remember the first time I saw it (I was brought home from the hospital as a newborn in a blizzard) ... but I remember the first time Sherman saw it. He was ecstatic!

    Oh and a cabin in the moutains ... my dream home for sure.

  4. Those are some great answers. Although I had to google Emmy Rossum, yes I know, I am old. I too was a stubborn child, it gave me a lot of trouble. Later in life, it has only been an advantage.
    Your answer to number 8 made me giggle, I would have said the same.
    Number 11 is good too!
    And Mumford and Sons; White Blank Page makes me cry every time. I just found them last summer, on the blog of one of the girls killed at a youth camp here. This is her blog:


  5. Ah, Peter Pan would be a perfect book to jump into. Good thinking about the happy ending. I'd definitely want to go somewhere magical where everything always turns out right. Besides Peter Pan I might pick The Chronicles of Narnia, Inkheart, or Harry Potter . . .

  6. I would’ve never thought of Peter Pan…yet, that’s the perfect choice. Gosh, I love all the pictures you post! My tumblr is- :)