Friday, September 28, 2012

Oh Friday

Oh Friday is a good day, and so was Thursday.

There's something in the air. It's like a mixtured brew of Hope and Excitement.

I don't know what it is, or why I'm feeling like this, but I'm happy.
Yesterday, the weather was amazing and I felt frisky like that of a little kid.
I listened to the new Mumford and Sons cd, and I made plans.
I drew Fall leaves and enjoyed life and the little pleasures in it.

Guess what guys? October is comin.' It's just around the bend. And I'm so excited.
It's going to be busy and perfect and beautiful.
Today I hung out with my good friend Julia at Heritage Village and we took some pictures. :)
Tonight, I'm going to down town St.Pete.

There's so much to look forward to. :)
Be Happy, Fall is here.
Sometimes I don't like people, because they aren't always very nice. But today I'm really thankful for humans, even the grumpy ones. Maybe I'm just thankful period. I think that's it.
I don't know why, but lately I've been feeling like I'm going to be in love soon. I don't know why I feel this. I don't know who I would even fall in love with. But I have that ansy and butterfly feeling and I have no clue why. Maybe I'm just in love with life? If thats it, that makes me happy. Because love is nice, but it's also fickle. And it's uncertain. It doesn't mean I'll ever give up on it, it just means it isn't always easy and it isn't always as concrete as it seems.
                           But if I'm in love with life, thats a whole different story.
That's good news.

Taylor Swift's new album comes out soon and so does Scotty Mcreery's Christmas album. :)
So Much Excitement.

I'll post my weekend pictures on Monday. For now, I'm just posting some simple favorites.

That's how I look when I attempt to wink!

                                                       More people should dance like this!

Whoever wrote this, writes beautifully.

There's so much to be said, and so much we shouldn't say.
Will we ever find the perfect balance?
I don't know.
Will we ever know?
Probably not.
But I don't know.


  1. i just dowloaded babel!! so great. im glad youre feeling happy and in love- it is afterall the greatest feeling :) happy weekend

  2. I love fall. Fall is incredible. Our entire yard is bordered with aspens and maples, so around this time of year, everything turns the color of fire and it's gorgeous.

    I love my fall/winter clothes more than my summer ones. Winter clothes have so much more too them and I love wearing scarves and jackets and seeing my breath like clouds when I breathe out.

    I love scrunching through leaves and breathing the briskness in the air.

    I love fall. :)

    God bless!

  3. Like the bunny one, Linus cracked me up, and I have that same butterfly feeling because I appreciate the weekends more, Fall is nearly here, I graduate this spring, I am blessed with more friends than I thought I'd ever have, and I get to see most of said friends on Wed. nights at church.And I finnaly feel 17. =D
    And I like your blog, and mine and all the nice people who follow me.
    And that last picture, I have that quote on my qoutes page!