Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just Remember

It's 9/11.
Could you take a moment?
Because I want you to take a moment.
A breath.
A pause.
You have time for that right?
You have time to fit in from your busy schedule?
You have time to remember.
The family and friends of those who have lost someone due to 9/11, they have the time.
They remember.
More than just one day of the year.

I know you're busy.
You've got school to do.
You've got chores to take care of.
Friends to message.
But you see, when something like this happens people need to wake up.
They need to be reminded.
Could anyone foresee this happening?
Did anyone think their lives were in danger that day?
Did anyone even imagine they could lose their loved one who they saw just that morning?
That that would be the last time.
No more chances to say I love you.
No more hugs goodbye.
Some didn't even have the chance to say Goodbye.
This happened.
This is real.
We're not invincible.
Life is not always long.
We don't have forever.
And in the grand scheme of things, I think this is worth remembering.
I think this is worth taking a moment and praying for the families and friends who lost someone great that day.
I think we have the time.
I know we have the time.



  1. Thanks for this post. It's amazing you think and blog about that.

  2. Such an lovely, heartfelt, thoughtful post for this day of tragedy that will not be forgotton. I have been watching the news coverage for 9/11 day of remembrance all morning and have literally been in tears.

  3. thank you for sharing this, Sophie!

  4. Beautiful. I appreciate your heartfelt sincerity.

  5. Beautiful post. Yes, we should all take the time to remember what happened.

  6. Yes, Sophie, you are right.
    We do have that time, every single one of us. Having time is most often about choice. Not to turn away from everything that might challenge us, hurt us or make us less self-absorbent.
    I ever have time for that.
    The images from September 11th will stay with me all life. And I am fortunate, because to me, they are merely that, images.

    Thank you for a beautiful and important post.