Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lakewood Love

Hello there all my lovely blog followers. :)

First off, I want to apologize because I haven't been keeping up with your all blogs this weekend. I'll try to look at them tomorow if I get a chance but Sundays are church and family days and I can get busy. And during Friday and Saturday I was on a ladies retreat to lakewood. :) However, on Monday I will be back to keeping up with and commenting.

Second of all, there are small changes I just wanted to mention that I'm excited about that's happening in my life. Like for instance, my Comp 2 class starts on Monday and I'm actually excited for that. I hope I meet nice people who share my passion for writing. Also, I might be doing soccer. Still trying to decide. And lastly, I might be working at Starbucks if I get the job.

Now,  I'll take this moment to give you all a reading break and see the pictures from the retreat and then i'll recap the fun portions quickly.

To sum up the weekend in Words:

There was Churro the Burro. There was lots of glorious food. There was late night 1:30 am talks. There was Catch Phrase. There was Tennis and Soccer. There was Coffee. There was comfy little bunk beds. There was a farm area and Country life and beautiful scenery. There was a bonfire. There was Banana smores. There were comfy rocking chairs that caress your neck. There was fellowship and getting to know incredibly women from all different ages and with different stories. There was hayrides. There was Cream Soda. There was an incredible time with incredible people.

Thats the sum all the activites and fun part. As for the Bible lesson portion, I want to go more deeply into that. However, I don't have the time today. So, hopefully, Monday's post will be all about what I learned. It was about Faith and the importance of trusting, letting go, and forgiveness. I think it really helped having all those wonderful women there, because I think as a group we got stronger and I think women understand and can connect to each other better because we have similar views and feelings that men don't have or posess. We get it. And we can hold each other accountable when we have attitudes or mindsets that are not God glorifying.

Another small little thing that I found out in getting to connect with people of all different ages and with different stories, interests and likes, is that people are so interesting! And I'm sort of ashamed of how self centered I am sometimes. I think a lot of the world is Me centered and sometimes we don't take the time to get to know people and connect and listen. I think that will be one of my improvements on this blog. I mean I will share with you what I find, do, or learn but I also am interested in your thoughts, your plans, your dreams, your ideas. Even small little things, such as what is your favorite color? What is your favorite season? All of these small things, they can be interesting. People can be interesting. Give them a chance. :)

                                    So, what's your favorite color? How was your weekend?


  1. the animals are so cute and you look very happy :)

  2. That photo of you with the goat...awesome. I'm glad you had a great time! I wish I could have gone - next year for sure!! :)

  3. Great pictures, donkeys are my favorite animal. hehe. Glad you had a great time!

    -Victoria Horea

    P.S My favorite color is purple.

  4. Goats are such funny looking animals! =D
    Any time I need a laugh I'm gonna look at these.
    The fifth one from the bottom, that's such a nice view!
    Oh and those trees are weird, but cool.