Saturday, September 8, 2012


I'm having a contemplative night. One where I read a book, and I watched a movie and now I'm left thinking about them. I'm left thinking about life. And like usual, I make comparisons to the parts that seem familiar to me and like certain things in my life. Or the characters will remind me of someone I know.
It's got me thinking and right now I feel sad because I just realized something so painfully obvious.
Re-realized it. We're all so broken. All of us. We think we can fix things, fix situations, fix ourselves. But we just can't. We don't have healing hands and magical cans of happiness to sell. We're all these awful humans covered in the sins we've commited. Some of us realize it, but some of us don't. Some realize we need cleansing, not just outwardly but inwardly. A good soul cleansing wash from the Hands of our Savior. Some of us realize we need a Savior. But some of us don't. Some of us just drown in the skin their in. Some don't want a Savior. I feel so sad for them right now. Yes, you're broken. But you can be fixed. You can be repaired. You can be renewed. You can be saved.
But you have to make a choice. There's only one way. One true way. Another thing I realize is that sometimes you can't make people realize they're broken. And sometimes you can't help them. Because they need to help their self first. And they need to realize it on their own. And sometimes you can't fix situations because they aren't yours to fix. And you may wonder when things will get better, and try your best to make it better, but it won't work unless the people who can change the situation follow God's way(not their own) and do what He says to fix it. And thats why I'm sad. Not totally because we're all broken people, just that some people don't let themselves be fixed. That some people don't know they're broken.


If you can choose whether to be Gold or normal. Be Gold. Stay Gold.

It's kinda sad that most people don't go down in History. Eventually noone will be left to pass on your stories. But I guess it won't matter much to us really in the end. In the end, we won't be thinking about that. In the end, I'll be happy being with my King and Savior forever.

I don't mean to sound like a downer here. Because it's not like I've been sad today or lately. And there is always beautiful, bright and shining Hope. The Bible promises us that. And people can change and situations can be fixed. And things can be saved. There is always hope. And I will always hold on to that. I just feel sad every now and then when I see broken and want broken to be whole.
But I know all I can do is keep praying and keep hoping. And thats what I will do.

So, darlings, Keep Hoping. Keep Praying. Keep Holding.


  1. oh...this is so perfect. and True. <3 It makes me sad too...The people who don't want it fixed, and the people who think they can fix it themselves. This post is so encouraging and lovely. :) Sometimes all we can do is keep praying, and sometimes, that helps more than enything. <3