Monday, September 10, 2012

A Happier Note

So last night, was an odd night to say the least. And I wrote my lost blog post(entitled Myriad) last night while I was in my bizzare mood.

I think it's okay to have those nights where things finally get you down as long as you can have mornings where you can learn to appreciate and be happy again. And I'm working on that. :)

So, I felt like I should write a happier post too. Because I have things to be happy about.

And to prove it, I will write you a list of happy things.
1. Blue Hair.
Yes blogger world, I have blue hair. Well, tealish aqua really. But blue none the less. Not completely blue, just enough to make a statement. And say "Hi, I'm part of Sophie's hair and I'm blue." I have wanted this since 7th grade when I watched Aquamarine, and now the time has come.

The funny thing is when I went to get it done there was a nice lady there.
And she kept singing; "Blue! BLUE. Electric Blue."
And now I think of her and that song whenever i look in the mirror.
I like nice people.
2. FALL.
I know everyone has being saying it. But really. It's happenin. Fall is coming. I can feel it.
There's Fall foods and scents and pumpkins.
We got Pumpkin pancakes and Pumpkin Butterfingers at Publix.
There are Pumpkin Spice and Autumn lotions and scents at Bath and Bodyworks.
There is Pumpkin breads and Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks which I've been getting frequently.
Everywhere I turn, Fall keeps poking it's head out.
There's even a breeze to the weather.

On a side note, I've been going to Starbucks so much that I know recognize one of the workers.
And he recognizes me.
And I think thats funny because it means I'm a Proff. Starbucks drinker.
And he looks like Peter Pan kind of.
And thats sorta cool.
3. Music.
Phil Phillips, Scotty Mcreery, and Taylor Swift.
I'll tell you why those people and what songs.
Because I love the Boy Next Door vibe from him.
I love how when you watch him play, he totally loses himself in the music.
Sometimes it's like the audience isn't even there.
He doesn't play for fame, just enjoyment.
Plus, I love his voice and his music.
His Song(s):
"Home" and "Volcano"
Just listen and you'll find out why I love it.

Because I love his authentic Countryness.
I love how whole some he seems.
I feel like we'd be good friends.
I like that he plays football, drinks sweet tea, goes to Church and sings with a deep voice.
I like the I Am Second band he wears.
I love Country music and I'd love to live in the Country.
His Song(s):
"Water Tower Town" and "Clear as Day"
Water Tower Town is just simply fun and a world I'd like to live in.
And Clear as Day has a beautiful and sad message.

Because I love her style.
Because she's completely goofy and does her own thing.
Because I love her hair.
Because even though she isn't the best singers, I do think she's a talented writer.
Because she makes me feel young when I listen to her.
Because its fun to belt out her songs.
Because she's interesting.
Her Songs:
"Ronan" and "Long Live"
Ronan is simply beautiful and sad and might make you cry.
I don't care if you like Taylor Swift or not, you should listen to this.
Long Live always makes me think of new eras and changes.
Which is apart of a life.
And it helps me look at it in a new, uplifting light.
4. Friends.
Like my friend Austin who does John Lennon impersonations and acts out weird plays with me.
Like my friend Erin who does crazy dance moves and writes amazing posts.
Like my friend Gracie who is my sister and dances beautifully.
Like my friend Nora who bakes things with me and watches Disney movies.
Like my friend Mommy who kicks butt and gets Pumpkin Spice Lattes with me.
Like my blogger friends who write nice things and inspire me.
Like my friend Kaylie who runs after cars with me.
Like my friend Sylvia who is my sister and a horse fanatic.
Like my friend Tyler who is my "little brother" and says TOO HIGH TOO HIGH.
Like my friend Daddy who plays quadradius and taught me to love sports.
Like my friend Brin who has cute moccasins and pretends to be blind.
Like my friend Maria who is my sister who loves My Little Pony.
Like my friend David who plays patty cake with me and makes good tea.
Like my friend Miss Kim who is a second Mom to me who also loves coffee.
Like my friend Natalie who goes on rooftops and paints faces with me.
Like my friend Miss O who is another second Mom who jokes with me.
Like my friend Cody who ran with me and looked like TinTin.
Like my friend Daisy who rocks out with me and is a secret agent.
Like my friend Caleb who is secretly a butterfly.
Like my friend Maddie who rocks every single hair color and is super busy.
Like my friend Rebecca who is also my Mom and she knits and sings.
Like my friend Heidi who danced with me to Ed Sheeran and other weird things.
Like my friend Tim who planks and owls occasionly.
Like my friend Julia who just got an awesome ukelele and she has a great sense of fashion.
Like my friend Jordan who I don't see very often but he comes up with cool highfives.
Like my friends Jed and Bethany(the married couple) who are awefully inspiring and super nice.
There are so many more I could list.
But it's getting long.
But you've all taught me so much to life and impacted me in so many ways.
So thank you. :)
This was exceedingly long but I'm falling in love with so many things and wanted to voice my appreciation for everyone.


  1. This was a cute post :) Love the blue!
    And this made my day:

    "Like my friend Cody who ran with me and looked like TinTin."

    Too true haha!

  2. whot!? Blue hair? I love it! I've always wanted to do something crazy like that with my hair...Maybe someday. lol. :)

    This was maybe the cutest post ever. ^_^ Friends are amazing.

  3. Love the hair!
    And this post makes me happy - love all the Fall pictures, favorite time of year :)

  4. Hi Sophie! :-)
    first of all, thank you for stopping by my blog! and congratulations on your blue hair!

    autumn is coming here in Finland too, and, when the sky is clear, I really love it! :-)