Thursday, September 13, 2012

Long Live

Long Live the Victors.
The Ones who found reasons to stick it out when the going got tough.

Long Live the Princesses.
Who were deeply clothed with the beauty of a kind, gentle and loving soul.

Long Live The Artists.
Who painted pictures with words, colors, ideas, thoughts, and inspired people. Drew them new futures.

Long Live the People. The Best Friends. The Encouragers. The Observant Ones. The Bubbly Ones. The Perceptive Ones. The Outcasts.

Long live these diverse group of humans that I meet and pass by every day. Each one has a story to tell and lesson that can be learned from them.

Long Live the Smiles.

Long Live those who make you smile when you don't want to.

Long Live the ones you can be around and say nothing to but don't feel lonely with.

Long Live the ones you can talk to for hours on end.

Long Live the Perks of Being a Wallflower playlist for keeping me company here tonight.

Long Live Happy Souls and Ratty Converse and Outstretched Arms and Rockstar Jumps.

Long Live Fall Breezes and the Taste of Pumpkin in Your Coffee Cup.

Long Live Inspiring Quotes, Bloggers, Tumblr people, Pinterest Fans, Twilight haters and Team Jacob lovers, Whiny Popstars, and killer acoustics, Fashion genuises and Band Tees, Crooked Teeth and Straight Teeth.

Long Live it All.

The Memories. The Good, the Bad. The Sad, the Happy. The Immature, the Mature. The Concretes, The In Betweens. The Constants, the Changes. The Laughter, the Tears. The Everything, the Nothing. The Anything. Be Anything.

So People I want to thank right now, briefly and shortly;

1. Julia- For giving me the gift of the new found music The Avett Brothers.
2. Noni- For writing a post that really inspired me today when I was about to start it off wrong. And for sharing my love for Peter Pan.
3. Emma Watson- For being so darling perfect even though you aren't truely perfect cause noone is.
4. Rinskiijoy-For always making my day with her comments and for writing funny and awesome posts.
5. Evan- For convincing me to apply to Starbucks (something I didn't think I'd be doing anytime in the near future) and for being a friend to me.
6. Perks of Being a Wallflower- Because you make me want moments. Your trailer makes me want to go to a football game and scream BE AGGRESSIVE. PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE. It makes me want to shout " I'M BELOW AVERAGE " and get a C on a paper even though that would never happen in real life. It makes me want to hold a Christmas Party and buy everyone gifts that make them happy and sad. It makes me want to stand up on the back of a truck with my arms stretched out like I'm flying and feel infinite.
7. This bed- Because you're really comfy.
8. My dog- Because he listens to me when noone else does. He never interrupts.
9. Good books- Because you keep my imagination alive and my thoughts busy.
10. The Pumpkin Spice Latte that I'll be drinking tomorow who I have already named Chantell-Because of obvious reasons like that of " It's the BEST THING IN THE WORLD " and it should be named Chantell because who names their Pumpkin Spice Lattes Chantell?

Small Things: 1. I applied to my first ever job today and to the only place I've ever wanted to work at. Crossing my fingers that I get it. 2. I'm going on a Ladies Retreat this Friday afternoon and ill be back tomorow Saturday afternoon. I will tell you all about it. It's going to be nice, having girl time and God time. 3. Sometimes I wish I was a storybook character. I feel like they are so much more interesting sometimes than real life people. A lot of people in life are hard and cold or unadventurous or boring. In my SPC classes, people like to complain and cuss. And I don't get how that is suposed to help or make life exciting. I wish there were crazy souls like me in there, or if there are some, that I'd be able to meet and make friends with them. There's not too many quirky people with good morals around. Which is why I probably fall in love with storybook characters more than I do in real life. And I don't care if that sounds pathetic. It's true.

Anyways, there is a whole world out there yet for me to discover and so many people more to meet. So I guess I better get busy living and doing that.
You should too.
Say hi to someone new today!
Oh, and double points if you make a stranger smile.


  1. Pretty, pretty!! Loved this post so much!!! I so enjoy how inspirational and grateful you are! It is a good reminder. :D <3

  2. Really great post. And I love the photos!

  3. i really love this, i love who and what you're thankful for and your references, very inspiring! wishing you a lovely weekend soph xo

  4. I love your list of things you’re thankful for. I might do that sometime, if you don’t mind. :) And no worries about not following me on Tumblr, I appreciate you taking the time to look at it in the first place!

    -Victoria Horea

  5. love this entire post! "Long Live those who make you smile when you don't want to" ... that one was my favorite.

  6. Oh, I LOVED this entire post, especially the "long live the Artists: part. Mind if I link to it on my blog? :)

    Thanks for following me back. <3 It literally makes my week.

    God bless!


  7. great post today!! loved it all :) sometimes I enjoy the company of mydogs to most people....just sayin' :)

  8. what a great post...long live you and your desire to dream and inspire! have a fabby weekend!

    enjoy *~*

  9. Like! Especially the saying hi and making a stranger smile idea.

  10. I know, if I could just have someone narrating my life as it would be pretty cool. If you ever got down you could go read a chapter of a similar time, or re-read about your favorite summer . . . to remember how last time you stuck it out and in the end things worked out.
    It would be neat. =)