Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Birthday(s)!

So, today is a very important and special day.
You see there are two very special birthdays that fall on this day.
So I'm dedicating this to two very important and beautiful people.

1. Maria Ando.
My littlest sister.
My friend.
My Jimmy.
My whistler.
My Always Happy and Always Laughing sister.
She is nine years old today.
She's so young, and she keeps me magical.
She makes me a kid again.
She's a My Little Pony fanatic.
She's a book reader.
She loves knowledge.
She loves to talk. (More than anyone I know)
She is funny and she has a heart for people.
She's beautiful and fun and I love her.
Happy Birthday Maria!
Thank you for being my little sister and for sharing memories with me.

As I went through our photos, I realized that we hardly ever take pictures together. There are a dozen that I took of you, but not a lot of ones that we were in together. We should and will change that. :) I love you little sister! Have an amazing day.

2. Erin Murphy.
 My Grams.
My Mom.
Libby Inglesias.
The General.
The friend of many names.
The Mustache Fanatic.
The Writer, the Dreamer, the amazing Musician.
The Sweet Spirited Person with a beautiful heart for God.
An Encourager, a Listener.
A Clever and Witty Person.
One of my Best Friends.
This girl is turning 19 today!
She's a girl of many talents.
She's a fan of yogurt.
She's an Awesome Person All Around.
She encouraged and inspired me to create this blog.
And she, herself, writes the most beautiful blog. (Check it out, follow, and bombard her with happy birthday wishes! Seriously. You won't regret it.)

Thank you for always being there for me, and thank you for encouraging and inspiring me. You truely are an amazing being and I know God's got a lot in store for you. Thanks to the memories created( A piece of bread, OH NO, Santa's Not Comin!!, Who wears capri's now a days, Mustaches, Bob of Hair, the Gavel, The General) and I can't wait to see what memories that have yet to be created. I love you!

And to the random people in the World who also have a birthday on this day, whether you are turning 1, 19, 9, 100, or any number in between or after, Happy Birthday! I hope it's a good one.
And to the others who do not have a birthday today... in the words of Alice and Wonderland; "A Very merry unbirthday to you!"



  1. Happy birthday to both of those beautiful girls! ^_^ <3

    And a very merry unbirthday to you, too!

  2. Tell them happy birthday! They both seem like very wonderful ladies :)

  3. Aww, her personalilty really comes out in those pictures! =D
    And I must say again...I absolutely adore your curly hair! Love it! Mine isn't near as curly...but it's more than it used to be, so I'm content. =)
    And now I'm going to check out your friends blog. =D