Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Adventures

Weekend Adventures in Words:

Heritage Village. Fun with Julia. A guitar from the 1930's. Pistachio Gelatto. Copious Amounts of Pumpkin Coffee. Pretty Sunsets. Odd but Fascinating Sculptures. Lights. Christmas Music in September. Coffee by Copeland on Repeat. Dancing on the Beach. Subway. Beach Baptism. Botanical Gardens Dance Auditions. Sleeping In. Happiness. First Day Of October.  :)

Weekend Adventures in Pictures:

So this is what my weekend consisted of.
It was beautiful and fun and a great way to end September.
Speaking of which...
I hope you have a great month full of Autumn fun. :)
Today I have my Ethics and Comp class.
Then I am catching up with an old friend.
Then I have a Dentist appointment where the dentists will try to talk to me while sticking pointy things in my mouth.
And then I'm going to the gym later to get some Muscle. hahah.
I'm pretty busy, but when i find time in between such things, I will be looking and reading at all of your blogs. Because honestly, I enjoy them. :) Thanks again for all the comments, they make my day!
Even though I don't reply in the forum thingy, I do read them. And appreciate them.
I just figured you probably won't know I replied unless you come back to check on my blog again.
Because Blogger doesn't notify when someone has replied to their comment.
Which is sad, I think.
How was your weekend?


  1. beautiful as always! i love the the lights and the nature:) and also, it you have your e-mail address on your profile- it will alert you via e-mail if the writer has replied- and also when you receive a comment, just an FYI :)

    1. Thank you dear! And no way? I always get emails when someone comments on mine. but i didn't think like if I replied to your comment right now, that you would recieve a notification! which is why i usually don't reply back to people's comments! I'll have to start changing that. Thanks for telling me. :)

    2. well at least it does for mine :) and no problem- i had this issue a while back and it frustrated me!!

  2. Lovely! I really enjoy your pictures... the picture of that green room stopped me dead. That would be such a perfect studio space for me, haha! But it looks like it's in a museum or something, sad day :P

    1. I totally understand. I wanted so many items from that old vintage house!

  3. oh, that looked like loads of fun. Your weekend was better than mine, I've been sick. **coughs gently** I'm feeling better now, just in time for the new school week. Go figure, eh?

    Heritage village, huh? Dang, I wish my area had that. But it's kind of a tourist town so we don't get awesome things like that. :)

    God bless!

    1. Aw, I'm sorry:( Sick days are no fun. Glad you're feeling better though<3 You should take a night out and have some fun. :) And yeah, it was neat. It was just too bad that it was sort of hot still. But hey, thats Florida! :P

  4. I have never had pastachio gelato...been on my to do list!! that tree is awesome, I would love to climb it :)

    1. Oh my you have to try it<3 its amazing.

  5. i wish i had something pumpkin-y in my weekend! not yet!

    1. Oh no! Go get a pumpkin spice latte quick! They're amazing.

  6. oh, that tree looks so beautiful! i would love to climb it. i love all of the vintage-y items in the photographs above! looks like a great time.
    your comments are always my favorite on my blog! :)

    lindsey louise

  7. At the risk of being redundant, I would be up in that tree lickety split! And those, especially the "chunks of lava" one.
    I bet it smelled great walking through those pine trees,I think I can smell them all the way over here!
    Third picture up from the bottom is my favorite, and the last one.
    Anywho, my weekend consisted of: Airsoft with my friends from church, watching a live play of The Screwtape Letters by C.S.Lewis, reading the book, and reading and making blog posts.