Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Normal Day

I really hate typical teenager normal days, but unfortunately I have to have one today.
I have to have one because I have a big paper coming up and nothing scheduled so I must be boring and work on it all day.
That and stress out.
Even though I don't want to be stressed out, this paper is harder than I'm used to and taking me longer than I'm used to.
Oh well.
At least I have Pumpkin Spice Muffins to cheer me up.
Yeah, and I will smile anyways.
Because smiling is worth it.
Just ask Marcel the Shell.

Oh what I'd give to spend a day full of adventure.
What I'd give for a day trip somewhere where the weather is nicer.
What I'd give to not be in my room staring at the computer screen for hours.
But it's just one day.
One day.
Okay, enough ranting.
I will buckle down and answer these questions dear Treksie has asked me!
You can find her and her lovely posting at; .
So do that.
The Eleven Questions
1.) Who's you're favorite musician and why? (Does not include singers this time.)
Musician? That's hard. I have a lot. I guess a recent discovery was Duke Ellington, a Jazz musician. He's pretty tight. But I also love Debussy. Mainly because of Clair De Lune, which is absolute perfection.
2.) Do you think the Beatles overrated?
Heck no!!! I love the Beatles. I even learned how to play Blackbird on the guitar. Such a good song.
3.) Did you ever want to be a Ginger?
Yes and no. I only ever wanted to be a Ginger if I had green eyes too. Because I love that color combo. But I also thought black hair and green eyes would be pretty too. I basically like a lot of hair colors and eye colors.
4.) QUICK! PICK A NUMBER BETWEEN ONE AND TEN! Now, why did you chose that one? Why!? WHY?!?
Five because I'm lame and even though it's practically everyone's favorite number and favorite number to pick when guessing a number between 1 and 10, its still one of my favorites nonetheless. Maybe because I'm a middle child so I know what it feels like.
5.) How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Fifty thousand pieces. Obviously.
6.) Who started the American Navy?
Chuck Norris.
7.) What's your favorite music genre?
I have too many. I like Country, Folk, BlueGrass, Rock, Contemporary, Some Pop, Classical, and more.
8.) Have you ever played baseball? (even in the backyard with friends works.)
Does softball count?
9.) What are your top five favorite books? (because I know that I can never chose just one)
That's indubitably hard. I can't even pick five because there is a whole realm of books that I adore. So, I'll just name the one I am currently re-reading; "Peter Pan."
10.) What is your favorite accent?
British, Australian, or French. Or anything really. I just love accents.
11.) Do you know the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything?
Yes, I do. The answer is that we were here to worship our Lord and Savior and to spread the good news. That there is life after death for those who put their trust in the one who died on the cross to save us from our sins. There is nothing we can do to save ourselves. It was the ultimate sacrifice to die for mere humans who sin everyday and did nothing to deserve eternal life with our Creator and Maker. It was the ultimate gift of love and this gift covers our debt. It sets us free. He has washed us white as snow. Our Savior Jesus Christ, gives life meaning because life does, indeed, have a meaning. And you have a meaning too.
Now, it's time to kick some paper booty.
Have a stress-free day, and smile!
Because it's worth it.


  1. keep your head up lady, kick that papers butt! PS. you are a 'non-reply blogger' this is why you cannot receieve an e-mail when someone relplies to you (because i just tried to e-mail a response and it told me that!) anyway, go to google and ask how to fix being a non-reply blogger and it will walk you thru the steps, its really easy. but this way, if you leave a comment on someones post, they can respend via e-mail to you so you always get it :) just thought id let you know since you were wondering a while back :) xo

  2. Gosh. No fun! I hope it goes well for ya. :)
    Your answers are epic. It cracked me up that you said chuck Norris started the navy. Hehe. I love chuck Norris "facts". ^_^
    Have a good day and I hope it's not tootoo boring. :) <3

  3. Pumpkin spice muffins always have the ability to save the day. Best wishes on that paper darling!

    Loved your answers here. Clare De Lune is one of my favorite pieces to play on the piano:)

  4. Oh girl, this fall is my first semester off from school in over ten years... I do not envy you having to write a paper :P though I will be kicking myself when I start school again next month...

    Duke Ellington is SO good. It is always so refreshing when I meet someone else who likes jazz music who isn't 80 years old. haha! You should check out Miles Davis... definitely one of the best.

  5. Today may be a little hard, but you'll feel so incredibly amazing when you're done. :)

    Oh wow, I love all those accents too. I want to move to France for awhile, simply to learn to talk like them, hehe.
    Of course Chuck Norris started the American Navy. :)

  6. I love winter, I love Christmas and I love your pictures :)

  7. Oh, Clare de Lune...can't wait till I'm good enough on the piano to play that!
    I like the tree picture, and know what mean about sitting in your room staring at a computer screen, only for me it's usually numbers. Which, quite frankly, I'd rather make up stories about than add up. But that's just me. =)


  8. Hey Sophie! Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog. I nominated you for the Liebster award. Check it out on my blog.

  9. I love this post... those socks look so comfy. I too wish I were traveling :)


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