Friday, October 19, 2012

ThrowBack Friday

So, I'm still working on my paper.
I'm still working on finishing up the Harry Potters series.
And life is pretty dull right now for me.
Except I enjoy watching the Harry Potter movies.
However, those two things are basically taking my days away and I haven't had much time to be creative.
Therefore, I thought I'd look through my old photos that I've taken through the years, as well as some poetry.
 I found some ones that I liked so I'll share it with you all.
However, if you use any of these, these are original.
So, I would like you to please:
a. ask permission first if you want to use them and
b. then give me credit for them if you do use them.

Now I wrote a two part poem that I think everyone can relate to. I'll post it, but I'd love some feedback. If it reminds you of something and you think you get what it's about or what it means, please let me know. I love hearing people's thoughts. Thanks again! It's called; A Frail Moment.

A frail moment I asked you to hold in your hand,
For if I held it I knew it would soon be broken.
I didn't want it shattered into miniscule pieces.
If my moment was lost,
how could I ever replace it?
It was like a newborn baby so small, so frail.
Beautifully but fearfully my heart took sail.
I couldn't hold it for fear it might break.
I asked you to hold it to spare a mistake.
I could entrust you with the fragile moment,
But with me I knew I couldn't.
You keep me safe therefore in your hands it would be safe too.
Cause I knew you loved me therefore it'd also be loved by you.
But you told me no,
that you wouldnt hold that treasured moment all on your own.
For it wasn't meant to be held by one person alone.
Two hearts hand and hand grasped onto it like a precious stone,
And in the midst of us that moment shone.
I overcame my fear of failure,
Because if I failed we failed together.
As long as we had each other,
That frail moment could never break, never shatter, never sever.
Fearless we held the moment as we held each other.
My heart grasped yours and they sailed together.
A frail moment I asked you to hold in your hand,
For if I held it I knew it'd soon be broken.
But you told me no,
that you wouldn't hold that moment all on your own.
For it wasn't meant to be held by one person alone.
As time passed a wave of sadness overtook my heart.
As distance and miles forced us apart.
We desperately tried to hold that moment together,
But at last you whispered moments like these can't be held forever.
With that you removed your interlocked fingers,
And that moment slipped through our hands.
Your heart let go of mine,
And I scooped the broken fragments trying to fix the moment and make it stand.
I clutched the shattered pieces close to my heart,
As you gathered up a few of them in your arms.
We held the dim remnants of sunshine serperately now,
Trying and failing to shield it from harm.
That beloved moment couldn't last,
Once it's beauty was cut forever in half.
It couldn't breathe or function with a broken heart.
It would slowly wither and soon depart.
That moment would someday enter a realm of past memories,
But every now and then I'll unearth it from where it's buried beneath.
When fragile moments break, new ones are formed.
But our story, our moment won't be forgotten as I won't forget you,
Even as time passes and old moments are replaced with new.
Now these two parts I had written based on an event that occured in my life. So the emotion is real but you can put yourself into the story too. Maybe you have a similar event that this reminds you of? If you do, feel free to share it. If you don't, no worries.

Anywho, I hope you all have a lovely Friday!
It's the weekend.


  1. so raw and beautiful, i can feel the emotion behind your words. you're amazing!! thanks for sharing, and your pictures are, as always, lovely as well )

  2. You are an amazing writer! This is absolutely beautiful and I can most definitely relate. You are right ... I think every one of us can relate.

  3. Wow, those are your photos? They're awesome. How'd you make that photo collage?!

  4. Oh my goodness gracious, that is just beautiful. You my want to think about submitting your writing somewhere.

  5. This is extremely intriguing. I love it very much. It makes me think of all kinds of things very personal to me. It touched me! You are an amazing writer, Soph!