Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Life Gives You Lemons

But that doesn't mean you always have to make lemonade.
Maybe, you should make lemon bars instead.
Or lemon meringue pie.
Or maybe your supposed to keep the lemons as a souvenier.
You don't always have to make lemonade with them.
There aren't always concrete paths.
It's not always Black or White.
Don't leave out the Greys.
Maybe if people did more things with their life lemons,
Maybe they'd be happier.
Maybe this is the problem with today's youth.
Then again, maybe not.
It's probably larger than that.
Or is it simpler than that?


The last photo is mine. Scanner art for the win. :)
So, my Mommy got some new lights to put up in the house.
And since she did that, she was going to get rid of our old lights.
But instead I asked her to let me put them in my room.
And now they have taken shelter there and add spice to my room.
It's so much more cheery.
I'll share pictures when I have the chance.
Last night, my Mom and Dad went to bed early. So I took that time to curl up on the couch and watch Harry Potter. I turned off all the lights except for the new lights my Mom strung up the other day which are these pretty little red and white bulbs that look like snow and cherries and my hair was wet because I had just taken a shower. And since my hair was wet, I was freezing so I grabbed a blanket and my dog and cuddled up while watching the movie with just those pretty lights on and  just me. And I liked it. :) It was quite comforting. It made me feel like it was Christmas time and I lived up North and it was freezing outside. It made it feel like it was really late but that was okay because I was on Christmas break and I didn't have to get up early for school tomorow. So, even though I still had to get up for College today, and it wasn't really Christmas time or cold outside or even all that late (just 10:30 pm), it was real nice. It was a me moment. And it made me happy. You should have a time in your busy life to just sit down, watch a good ole movie, enjoy yourself and unwind.
It's rewarding, it really is.
I'm in such a good mood today. :)
I'm also going to be answering 11 questions Treksie proposed to me.
I've just been busy.
Real busy.
Sorry guys.
And 69 days till Christmas!
What are you excited for?
Do tell, do tell!


  1. I feel so behind the times, I didn't even know he was making a Christmas album!

    Your evening sounds lovely! I have lights in my room too, I love them.

    I am excited because I decided I would listen to Christmas music on the way to work tomorrow :P So now I can't wait!

  2. I like very much the first photo...nice post


  3. I love what you said about the Lemons! <3 Prolly my favorite part of the whole post. ^_^
    oh, that sounds like a lovely evening. <3
    I'm trying not to get too excited about Christmas yet. I feel like Fall just got here an' I'm gonna relish every day of it. :D <3 (Though, I am wishing it to get here faster than I'll admit to myself...the other day I was planning a Christmas party ion my head and getting all excited about it and had to stop myself!! lol!)
    I'm glad you're in such a good mood! ^_^

  4. Beautiful post!! The beginning especially. Sounds like you had an enjoyable evening. I love nights curled up with a blanket and a movie and a dog.

  5. More people do need to make something lemony sweet out of life instead of puckering up and complaining. The Lord knows what is best for our lives and if He puts a trial in our life we should count it as joy (James 1:1-6)and that does not mean we put a fake smile on but we can count it as joy because our Lord is using us in a way to bless others or help us grow closer to Him! I have some chronic illnesses and I have learned that a lot over the years and am now at a point that if I am sick for three months year I would rather be able to spend a lot of time for friends but I will be thankful for this time and I can use this time to study His word more and read more theology books.

    Sorry for the ramble.
    ~Rachel Keeth // Lavender And Honey

  6. So glad you had such a lovely evening and time to unwind. Moments when you get to just sit back relax and enjoy life in the midst of the busy are so important.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!
    The auditions are a bit different because I don't think I will get to choose who I want to audition for. The director said that the auditions are mainly so she can see who the people are that want to be involved and then she will decide how to best put the play together, meaning she will pick who plays what character. I'm not exactly sure how the auditions will work out but if I could pick who I would want to play I'd pick Jo or Beth :)) Maybe you could pray that I would be picked to play one of the prominent roles?! I would really appreciate it. How can I pray for you?



  7. That poem was lovely! I read it multiple times before scrolling down to post a comment. :)