Friday, October 12, 2012

Cracked Eggs and Pumpkins

I absoloutly fail at cracking eggs in case you were wondering.
I'm talking about hard boiled eggs.
All I wanted was to remove the stubborn shell but the skin decided to come off too and leave me with a lonely yolk.
Oh well.
Maybe practice makes perfect?
Or maybe I should just stop trying to crack and peel my own eggs.

Because of Pinterest, Fall foods got so much more exciting.
All of these are pumpkin flavored treats.
I have yet to make any of these, but I hope to.
Did you know, that Pumpkin is actually really good for you?
So are pumpkin seeds.
The reason for the Pumpkin Obsession?
I'll give you a few reasons.
Yesterday, we actually got some cool breezes here in FL.
Cold enough to make me shiver in the shade.
Today, the weather is the same way.
It actually feels like Fall now.
Also, tonight my family and I are having one of our Fall traditions.
We're going out to eat at a lovely resteraunt.
Then we are going to a Pumpkin Patch where we always take pictures.
You'll be sure to see them on my weekend post I do Monday.
After that, we bring home some pumpkins.
Name them.
Carve them.
Pull out the seeds.
Bake the seeds.
Eat the seeds. :D
Then we watch "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown".
Which is one of my favoritest  movies ever.
I laugh everytime.
And maybe, just maybe, I'll wear boots.
Yes, I think it's time.
I'm also really excited for Pumpkin Pie.
We only make that once a year, which is on Thanksgiving.
But to me, pumpkin pie is the ultimate pie.
Because it has Holiday Season written right on it.
This pie is featured in multiple Christmas songs.
And it's traditional.
Everybody loves pumpkin pie.
Or at least everybody should love Pumpkin Pie...
Anyways, it's the weekend.
It's Fall.
I'm happy.
How are you?




  1. I love pumpkin pie! I had it for my birthday dessert last month. And boots are way ok now. I have been wearing them for a month now. Although Missouri weather is a little different. :-)

  2. oh geez. Those pumpkin foods look delishimus. O.O I love pumpkin. *stomach growls*
    hahaha!! I hate it so bad when eggs tear up like that. :P I can rarely get a boiled egg peeled properly. -_-
    It is fall. And I'm happy too. And you should definitely wear boots. I'm terribly fond of boots....

    1. affirmative! replying to comments via your lovely bloggy. ^_^ Thanks for letting me know! <3
      haha. :) <3 I know you said I didn't need to reply, but I wanted to.
      Thanks again!

  3. Tip: If you hard boil eggs when they are at least four days old and boil them in VERY salty water, they are easier to peel :)

    California FINALLY started to cool down the past several days, too! We even had a little rain. So wear those boots with your head held high, it's Fall!! :)

  4. I am sorry about not giving you credit for your pictures....I did last time but forgot this time because I was in a hurry! If you don't mind me asking....were do you get these pictures...did you take them yourself?

    Emelie Claire

  5. Oh, I love pumpkin everything! I've had pumpkin coffee creamer, milk and sparkling cider the past few days and I think I discovered it's the most versatile food in the whole world. :)

  6. Have you ever had pumpkin soup? It's so yummy. You need to make that. :)

  7. Pumpkin isn't my favourite food but these pictures look sooo delicious!! Yummy! :)

  8. Oh, is there a recipie to go with the 5th picture? Those look good enough to die for...!!!
    Yay for you that the weather is cold(er)! =D
    I do like pumkin pie, especially with a nice sized dollop of cool wip on top!