Monday, October 29, 2012

Splendid Weekend

I tend to have a lot of these. I'm growing quite fond of the weekends.

I wish I had thousands of pictures to show you my weekend, but alas, all I have is thousands of words. Will that suffice? Will you have the patience for them? Words can show pictures too you know. If you let them. Please, give them a chance.

To sum it up: Nutella Lattes, Costume Fittings, Late Night Pizza Party, Madagascar 3, Early Awakenings, A College Tour with Random Strangers, A Tea Party with Scones and All, A Pretend Lunch with Cheerful People, A Class about VBS, A Real Lunch with Dumb Blonde Jokes, 3 Cups of Coffee with Three Different Flavorings: French Vanilla, Irish Creme, and Hazelnut, Choir with Christmas Music, Chillin in a Dorm with my sister and a book, A Board Game Party, A Soccer Game, A Harvest Festival, A Small Diner, A Hallelujah Festival,  Basketball, VolleyBall, Hayrides, Cold(ish) weather (FINALLY), A Random Lady Petting My Hair, Tons of Candy, Tons of Laughter, Tons of People( New and Old), Tons of Fun.

I could go deep into it, but I won't because sometimes snippets are all you need. I was going to explain the beauty of my weekend in depth, but sometimes it's nice to store up those moments for yourself too. To look back on and laugh at. To hold close to your heart. To keep the smiles and pile them up like books on your shelf. So, I'll let you know it was fun and what it consisted of, but I won't go deep into it this time. You can fill in the blanks. You have an imagination. So, you can imagine what each event and juxtaposition of words meant. In fact, you should do that. :)

Brains like working out too!


  1. Wow, sounds like a seriously awesome weekend to me! Mine was silent and uneventful, but I like them that way sometimes:)
    Glad you had a blast<3

  2. Ooh, Nutella lattes, pizza, board games, Christmas music, it all sounds awesome! I had a evening last night that was hard to put into any words, I only had photos. But I feel like sometimes just photos or just snippets of what has happened is all you need.

  3. Sounds awesome! "Random Lady Petting My Hair" seriously made me laugh. Sounds like a creeper? Haha!

  4. Love the sentence about piling up smiles like books on a shelf!

  5. I am ur newest follower come check out mine too thanks

  6. Yes! Sometimes I like to leave the details off too, because then people can imagine the things left unsaid and you alone know the story's quirks and moments of perfection. I really like this post, Sophie, and it sounds like you had a spectacular time. :)