Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nostalgia, Books, Thursdays, Sisters, and You

To You;
I keep wanting to write to you.
I know just what I would say too.
But I never do.
I go to write that perfectly pretty letter,
And something stops me.
I don't do it.
I don't know why I don't do it.
I don't know why we don't talk anymore.
I think that's why I don't end up writing to you.
Because we don't talk anymore.
It'd almost seem foreign to write to you.
Maybe too much time has passed.
Maybe I kept waiting for you to pop up and say hi and I waited too long.
Maybe I should have said Hi first one of those times.
But whatever it is,
I can't write to you.
I don't know why things are the way they are,
And I don't know what to do about it.
I don't know if anything should be done about it.
Maybe this is how it's suposed to be.
Maybe we were meant to drift apart.
I don't know.
But I do know, that I still think about you.
I still pray for you.
I still will always be here for you.
Even though you might not read this.
Even though you probably won't know that this about you.
I still need to say it.
So, I did.
I didn't write to you,
But I did.

A reason why I'm liking my Thursday, is because I'm going up with my sister to visit her College. I get to meet her friends, school, and go to classes with her the next day. Then there is even a pool party on Friday that I'll be attending with her. So, it sounds like adventure and I love my sister, so I'm excited. :) It's something new and inviting and yet I'll still have someone familiar with me. I'll let you know how the adventures pan out on a weekend Monday post because I won't have time to talk about it on Friday.  Also, I spent some time re-reading a Sarah Dessen book. She's one of my favorite authors. I will give you a summary of her stories and tell you why I like them and then I will bid you farewell.

                                                       A Sarah Dessen  Book Summary:
There is some major issue that the main character is struggling with. While all that is happening, she meets a boy. She doesn't think anything will happen with her and that guy but it does. They both become friends and the friendship leads to love. Then towards the end of the book, the thing the main character(which is always a girl) struggles with gets bigger and more complex and that leads to everything going wrong and an arguement occurs between the boy and girl. They quit speaking to each other for quite some time, but then they make up and the conflict gets dealt with and everything ends up fine. That's basically a brief summary of the plot. However, I'll admit, not allll of them follow this exact pattern. The thing I like about Sarah Dessen books is that she puts in a lot of characters. The characters all have vivid personalities and help bring the story along and to life. The dialogue is very teenagery, so I always got it. I could relate. I read these books when I was 16. They also touch on real issues though, and there are always some quotes that make me stop and think. It is such a girly book, and they all take place in North Carolina and sometimes the characters found in one book will intermingle with the other characters in another book of hers. And this is why I love them. It's predictable, yet loveable, and yet wise in some ways, and other ways just feed to girly emotions and struggles we deal with. And most of all, re-reading them makes me extremely nostalgic for my young teenagery days where I was dumb and stupid and carefree but at times I was grounded because I had situations to handle my own. These books helped me through it, fed my imagination, and made me happy. That's why I love them so much. I remember getting a new one and reading them on my vacations. Most of them take place during Summertime, so I'd read them on Summer vacations in North Carolina or Massachusettes and I'd read it outside on the front porch or outback on the dock, and I could picture it all happening in a place similar to where I was. In small towns where everyone is happy and knows each other.

Have yourself a nice Thursday.
Hold on for the weekend.
Read a Sarah Dessen book.
Spend time with a sister.
Write to someone who will never read your letter.
Lose Yourself in Nostalgia.


  1. Oh Sophie, this is again just so beautifully raw-hearted. I know how much of a relief it can be to write letters to people, even if you're not sure they read them or not. This got me to thinking of "writing" someone too.

    And I'm not sure if my commenters read response comments on my blog or not, so I'll just say here, thank you *so* much. I'm happy that my post spoke to you. :) Reading comments where something I wrote blessed someone is what makes this blogging thing such a gift.

  2. "I still need to say it.
    So, I did.
    I didn't write to you,
    But I did." -I like that . . . sometimes I go outside and tell all my problems to God, out loud . . . and somehow it just helps.
    LOVE the 4th picture!!! Such colors!


  3. I love Sarah Dessen too! Her books are so perfectly written and her stories are wonderful.

    In other news, I will now help you attach your e-mail to your Blogger profile :)

    1) go to Blogger, and click on that little arrow right next to your name/picture in the top right corner.
    2) click "Blogger Profile"
    3) in the top right corner, click the orange button that says "Edit Profile"
    4) under Privacy, click the box that says "show my e-mail address" and under Identity, make sure it's the right address.
    5) scroll to the bottom, click Save and you should be all set!

    I'm excited to be able to respond to your comments by email! Let me know if you need anything else.