Thursday, October 11, 2012


I noticed you on the first day of class.
You didn't sit next to me.
But I noticed you because of your unruly long hair that you always put into a ponytail.
I noticed you because of the Superman hat you always wear. No exaggeration. Always.
I noticed you because you had an easy going laugh and you weren't loud and obnoxious.
I noticed you because when everyone else was bickering about unintelligible things, you were drawing.
You didn't demand anyone's attention, which is probably why you got mine.
I don't think you knew that I noticed you.
Well, luck would have it that you were assigned in my group.
Luck would have it that you talked to me and laughed at my jokes.
Luck would have it that you sat next to me even though there were five people in the group.
Luck would have it that even though I had a class after the class we shared, and that even though I never see you after that class, that I would run into you after my second class that day.
That'd I'd be waiting for my ride and you'd be standing there talking to me about classes.
I don't think you noticed me.
But I think you notice me now.
But I have no clue who you are still.
You're just a boy with a nice smile, blue eyes, a superman hat, long hair, a knack for drawing and who used to live in Tennessee.
I still don't know you.
I may never will.
It may never matter.
You could be a horrible and awful person.
Who knows.
But I still think you were worth writing about because you made yourself noticed even when you weren't noticable. And because I want more people to realize how rare and beautiful that is. That you don't have to be the prettiest, the loudest, the funniest, the most outgoing. That you can just be a quiet person with a nice smile and sometimes thats better than trying to be popular, outgoing, and noticeable. So, readers, I encourage you to be you. To be noticeable by not trying to be noticeable.

It's the best kind of way to be noticed.

I hope I get the chance to make someone tea some day.
For someone besides my sister because I do that too often.
I also hope I get to travel the world because it's so vast and there's so much beauty yet to see.
 I hope to drink Arizona Tea in Arizona.
I hope to never regret anything I've done that has brought me to where I am now.
I hope to continue to grow in love and never fall out of it.
I hope to meet you all some day.
I really do.
Even though that's unlikely to occur.
What would you like to do some day?
Name one.
Or two.
Or three.
You pick.


  1. that is beautiful! i hope to venture to alaska and wittness the aurora borealis- thats my dream, my hope. i hope one day i can stick my head out of the car and feel infinite. xo

  2. <3 <3 That's so sweet!! I love your writing about people. It's wonderful.
    I hope to meet you someday too Soph. It'd be fantastic 'cause I'm sure we'd get along perfectly. :)
    I hope to go to Ireland and Scotland...
    and I hope to scuba dive on the Great Coral Reef.
    And I hope to go spend a few days on some deserted Caribbean island. pReferably all with someone I love. <3

  3. This is so beautiful and SO true!! Thanks for the inspiring remimder!

  4. Lovely again, my friend. I love unnoticable people. They are my heart.

    I hope to someday live in a cabin in the woods with my husband (whoever that may be) and a gaggle of children. I also hope to own my own bakery (in the middle of the woods?) someday.

  5. Oh, I love this, it tugged at my heart. Those unnoticeable people are usually the ones worth noticing. With all those little lucky things happening, it sounds like God placed him in your life for a reason.

    What I'd like is to fall hopelessly, and be a stay-at-home wife and momma. I realize most people nowadays don't see that as a worthy enough dream, but to me it seems like near-perfection on earth. :)

  6. I just came across your blog and wanted to tell you that I love this. You have such a talent for writing. I love how you are so real and sincere. This was beautify.

    What I'd like to do someday is finish school

  7. Hello Soph! I found your blog through my sister, RinskiiJoy. She kept asking me "did you see this on Soph's blog?" or "Wasn't that an amazing picture on Soph's blog?" Than she was always shocked when I reminded her I didn't follow you. Well, Now I do! I love that post! Super cute! And that picture of the moon is awesome! <3