Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October's Breath

Octobers paint me pictures.
Fall sweeps me with the leaves.
Inspiration drips through the finger tips,
With every piece of writing, breath and dreams.
A playlist is humming,
My eyes are wide and young.
Boots and Sweaters call my name,
Melting rose petals are hung.
Pumpkins take over the world,
Bright orange splattered everywhere.
Words are handed out gently,
The Wind pulls at my hair.
I am Young,
I am Young,
I am Young.
I am a new fall leaf;
The days have just begun


  1. Haha, I love the line "Pumpkins take over the world." It's true. People are pumpkin-crazy!

    Love it! :)

  2. This has a great rhythm, it would make for a good song!

  3. So lovely! You're such a talented poet, Sophie. :)

  4. I like it, fits the autumn mood just perfect. *Thumbs up*
    "Fall sweeps me with the leaves" Definitly,

    "Pumpkins take over the world,
    Bright orange splattered everywhere." -Made me laugh!


  5. I just stumbled on your blog and absolutely love all the wonderful blogposts you have!
    I'm definitely your newest follower!

    Follow me back? :)
    xx Emily